Wednesday, 27 April 2011

More Details

I completely forgot to provide any pattern/yarn details for my finished cardigan, d'oh!

Pattern: Lore Hoodie from the Vampire Knits book (Rav details here)

Yarn: Wendy Aran with Wool (75% acrylic, 25% wool) in Tarn Heather - a bluey/purpley colour

Modifications: I hadn't seen the errata for the pattern, so I didn't catch that it was supposed to be chunky yarn rather than aran - although I did keep thinking that the picture looked bulkier than aran. I just cast on for the larger size to get what I was after, so no problems there. I also made the edging narrower - more from laziness than anything else really *cheeky grin*

Difficulty: 2/5 as long as I paid attention ;)

Love? Yep - I love it. I'm really happy with how it came out. The hood's a little snugger than I would have gone for, although I did steam block it out a bit. I just need to get the right buttons (or toggles) now. I have to say, I'm so pleased with it. I keep looking at it, amazed that I actually made it! *smiles*
One thing that made me smile while I was wearing it was the 2 guys I go to lunch with every day. When I mentioned that I'd made the cardigan one of them said "I didn't even ask because I didn't think it was possible to make stuff like that". The other piped up with "I like the holes" *laughs* He even pointed to the lace section so I knew he meant the deliberate holes ;)

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