Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Happy Dance

Thanks to a long weekend I have finished my hooded cardigan *happy dance*

Ok, so it's not really the best picture (I was quite tired at this point!) but it shows off the length. I'm really pleased with what a substantial piece of knitting this turned out to be, it's the biggest thing I've made and probably the most well done.

In fact, alongside my poncho/wrap, this is definitely my favourite thing I've made *big smile*

I had been getting sick of the lace "skirt" part recently, which is why the cardigan had been languishing untouched a little bit. I'd throw in a pattern repeat every now and again to keep some movement, but I was a bit bored of it. Then, on Friday, I realised that I'd finished the lace part, yay ;)

After that bit, the rest involved a fair amount of changes. Although it's stocking stitch the rest of the way, each row seemed to involve increases, attaching the sleeves, decreases, casting off, picking up stitches... And so on. So it then managed to keep my interest and I was excited to get to the next section. Even better, everything was done in one piece, apart from the sleeves which were knitted in the round and then attached, no seaming!

Or so I thought. I had forgotten the fact that the edging piece is knitted in one long strip, then sewn to the edge of the cardigan - all the way up, across the hood and back down *sigh* So that was last night's job, sewing over 100 inches of edging.

But now it's done, and I'm wearing it and have already had a compliment, so it's all good ;)

I steam blocked the skirt, to bring out the lace pattern. It grew by about 5 inches and it now all flowy and drapey - just as it should be.

Actually, as a comparison, here it is on the needles (remember the alien life force?!) All bumpy and looking a bit like an egg carton...

And here it is now, blocked and flat and looking like it should (apart from being blurry - not sure what happened there, the picture looks fine on my phone)...

Bit of a difference, huh?!


  1. The cardigan is great. What pattern is that? Well done on getting through a mountain of knitting AND sewing.

  2. Looks fabulous darling! Well done you!

  3. That looks so pretty, congrats on finally finishing!

  4. Looks lovely!! It is great to see the "on the needles" and "blocked" comparisons.

  5. It's amazing! You did a fabulous job and now you have such a pretty piece of clothing to wear. Congrats!

  6. Aw, thanks everyone :) I'm so pleased with it!

    @craftycripple - good point, I have been a bit lacking with details. I'll post a bit more about it tomorrow...

  7. That's lovely, well done. I've yet to find the motivation to try and knit something that long!


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