Thursday, 17 March 2011


I mentioned in my last post that I had some family stuff going on this week. Well, yesterday was the first anniversary of the day my wonderful dad died. So it's a pretty emotional time for me and my family and I wasn't sure if I'd want to post. For some reason, I decided that I do want to, so here I am.

Yesterday we went to "our" beach - the same one I have the vial of sand from in my necklace. We went to the penny arcade, as per our family tradition, which was bittersweet. I managed to win a toy from one of the grabber machines!

We popped into the antiques shop (which I would categorise as 25% antiques, 75% tat!) where they had a cluster of old knitting patterns. I quite enjoyed looking through them, and came away with this one:

I picked it up because I sort of liked it, then mum said that my nanny had actually made that pattern (unfortunately, in the same colour as the picture - yikes), so of course I had to buy it then *smiles*

I took lots of pictures of rusted metal things, because I liked how they looked...

We walked on the sand, skimmed stones in the sea (well, my brother did, mum and I can't get the action right, no matter how many times my dad tried to teach us) and generally had a day that could never be described as nice, but also wasn't quite awful.

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