Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches 2KCBWDAY3

How do you keep your yarn wrangling organised?

Interesting question...! I'm not the most organised person in the world, and I'm most certainly not the tidiest *shamefaced smile*

My yarns are all stored in a big plastic box (with a satellite stash hiding in a plastic bag under my desk, shhh!) In fact, I recently reorganised the box to fit more in, so that I could justify my most recent purchases based on my resolution to not buy more until there was room to store it. Almost worked, save for the 2 giant, 400g balls I bought (but I'm knitting with them now, so they don't count, right?!)

See how tidy it appears (the lighting is terrible, but I liked this shot because you can see the funky sock yarn peeking through!)

Satellite Stash hiding under the desk - see the pink stuff? That's the "loathe it" yarn from Monday's post ;) Hence why it is kept hidden, along with some novelty yarns I dare not even mention!)

One of the giant balls that just doesn't fit in - other one is attached to the needles, so it is currently in my bag.

Tape measure/scissors/thread/etc are all tucked into a make up bag, which sounds tidy but there are random bits of scrap yarn, swatches, loose DPNs, etc. So it's somewhat messier than it first appears *rolls eyes*

Magazines, knitting books and patterns are in a big pile awaiting either a magazine rack or me to be motivated enough to sort them out... Which may take some time ;) Besides, they currently make a lovely pedestal for my interchangeable needles *laughs*

Shamefully, I actually removed half the magazines to take this shot! You can just see my Stitch Library and the AntiCraft book at the bottom there.

I know some people are organised when it comes to their needles. Me, not so much ;)

All jammed into a glass that I covered with gold paper to make it look less messy ;)

I do intend, one of these days, to make myself a fabric needle case. I have a sewing machine, I have fabric, I have thread... I also have procrastination ;)

See, sewing machine... Currently shrouded in its case. Also, my unfinished lace scarf, which sits on the side so that I'm not allowed to forget it!

So, in conclusion, I don't keep particularly organised. I want to, I really do. In fact, I can be much more creative in a clean, tidy atmosphere than I can in my usual chaos. But tidying takes time away from being creative, so my instinct is to avoid at all costs *laughs*


  1. That is way neater than where and how I keep my stash and needles XD Mine is kinda put in my knitting bag and thrown in the corner of my room XD

  2. You seem pretty organised to me. Love the idea of a "satellite stash"!

  3. Thanks, but I feel like I cheated a bit - I only tidied it up a couple of weeks ago, usually it's a lot less neat! Plus I judiciously cropped out anything that looked tooooo messy *laughs*

  4. LOL that doesn't look too bad :-)

  5. Ha! That's just how my stash started off - fitting into one plastic box. It's amazing how it breeds!

  6. "I want to, I really do", yup, that sums me up too! Great post, thanks for keeping my giggling, xo

  7. loved the post, you will give in and get another box for your stash, it's inevitable. :o)

  8. Thanks for the encouragement guys ;) I'm pretty sure it'll start to grow pretty quick, I fall in love with pretty yarns so easily *laughs*


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