Thursday, 3 March 2011

Busy, busy, busy

I've been up in Scotland the last couple of days (for work, not play, unfortunately), so I haven't had time to blog - or time to produce anything worth blogging about!

I'm back home now, although too wiped out last night to do anything other than fall asleep *rolls eyes*

On the way back from Scotland, we stopped at Westmorland services - which I love. I could spend a fortune in their farm shop, and the artisan bits and pieces in the homeware shop are gorgeous. I did actually buy a little something - 3 tea light holders (sounds exciting, I know!)

I love stars, and I'm currently in the process of making my living room sort of "steampunk-lite", so the rusted looking bases really appealed to me:

Trying to take a close up of the base to show what I mean - not a great picture I'm afraid. 

We stopped for something to eat, and this is the view from the cafe - bit nicer than the regular motorway services stations, don't you think?!

 Oooh, I just realised that I did knit something recently that I haven't blogged:

I had a fair amount of yarn leftover after making my tank top, so I made some mitts - they're warm but not entirely attractive. But they passed the time when I was away from the rest of my yarn stash but still wanted to knit something ;)

I wore my snuggly poncho/wrap (still not sure what I'm choosing to call it) to dinner with the rest of my team - who all seemed very impressed with it *grins* So that's good.

Just need to decide what to knit next now...

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