Monday, 14 February 2011

So Much For Finishing....

I was feeling a bit ropey on Friday night and Saturday, so my plan to finish my tank top sort of fell by the wayside. I could easily have done it, but I wanted something soft, and fluffy and comforting. Acrylic just didn't fit the bill.

I got out the remaining purple Alpaca Silk, that I had left over from my shrug thingy, just over a ball left. I figured it should be enough for a cowl, so got knitting. After I had finished and seamed it up, I realised that it would be the snuggest cowl ever, not quite was I was going for. It went over my head, but only just... At which point, I realised it was the perfect size for a hat ;) Quick cinching together of the top edge, and a hat it became *laughs*

Side note: it's seriously challenging to take a picture of yourself in a hat, without looking like an idiot, or only managing to get the top of your head in shot! Case in point:

As cute as it is, I was a little disappointed because I really liked the pattern (that I'd made up) and thought it would be cute as a cowl. But then I realised that I had another 2 balls of Alpaca Silk, in a short of sherbet pink, that I'd ordered from ebay. Aha!

So I made the cowl after all... I didn't seam it up, as I wasn't sure I liked it just as a loop, but crossed over at the front instead. I put some poppers along the edge, and now I can wear it 2 ways.

The (made up) pattern is essentially 6 rows of garter stitch, followed by 4 rows of stocking stitch, to make a sort of rib. It stretches out slightly on the hat, which I think also works really well. I'm pretty pleased anyway *smiles*

I realise that I look like a college student in the top picture, somewhat emphasised by my choker. I made, well assembled, it at the weekend too. It's a tiny glass vial, that I filled with sand from a very special beach. It's my favourite beach in the world, and the place where we scattered some of my dad's ashes, so it's nice to have it close.

And, in a slightly more uplifting final note, check out how awesome my t-shirt is!

Also, although this picture is completely out of focus, it makes me laugh. Ninja-speed cannot be captured by a feeble camera ;)

Oh, and just so you know, this blog will be a little quiet for the next week or so... See you soon x

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