Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Bittersweet Symfonie

I got home last night to find an exciting parcel, which was especially exciting because I'd only ordered it the day before!

Knitpro Symfonie Interchangeable Needles *grins*

I only recently decided to invest in these, after discovering that about half the patterns I'm planning on making need circulars and I only have straight needles. I figured that if I wanted to invest in this kit then I should do it before purchasing needles in random sizes. I'd bought a really cheap circular needle a while ago, to test out, and it was awful, the cable part kinked and kept trying to roll itself back up - not helpful when you're trying to knit on it!

I'd heard great things about the Knitpro needles, and I liked the idea of having interchangeables, so that I didn't have to keep buying the same needle size in different lengths. Not one to do things by halves, I went with the deluxe set (rather than the starter set) so I got 8 needle sizes, 4 cable lengths and 8 end caps to keep everything together if you take off the needles. It also came in a handy case *smiles* I like things in handy cases ;)

And why is it bittersweet? Well, I was so excited to get my new needles that I needed to cast on with them, which meant I didn't cast on the Manos Silk Blend that I am itching to get started with. But I just had to try out my new toy.

Verdict - Love them! The cables are really supple and don't try and twist like pretzels, the tips are wonderfully smooth (I liked bamboo, now I'm converted to wood!) and they're pretty too:

I like the multi-colouredness, although it might get a bit headache inducing if I was using particularly bright and patterned yarn ;) Just look at those smooth, shiny tips *wonders if I may be a little overexcited about some knitting needles here!*

So I have now cast on for the long, hooded cardigan I liked in Vampire Knits. I'm currently on row 5 of the fir cone lace pattern, which I'm really enjoying. It's an easy pattern to do, which suits my primitive lace abilities perfectly, but it's still fairly interesting (well, to me who usually works in stocking stitch at least!)

Maybe I'll get to that Manos soon, the cardigan looks like it'll take a while, so I'll probably need a break or something ;)

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