Monday, 7 March 2011

Birthday Mark 2

This weekend my mum and brother came to visit - and to bring my birthday presents, yay ;)

We had a lovely weekend, despite them both being all sick with nasty colds (which I now seem to have caught, thank you very much *rolls eyes*!)

And I got some fab presents, lots of bits and pieces from Lush - so now my house smells all lovely, books and DVDs that I'd asked for and...

Knitting-y things *grins*

I'd asked for a couple of different sizes of bamboo needles (no picture, you can probably guess what they look like!)

I also wanted this book:

Vampire Knits *smiles* the book is really nice, with gorgeous photography. There are definitely a few things in there that I want to make, including the hooded cardigan on the front cover. I also really like this hooded capelet (I'm tempted to make it in red for the proper "red riding hood" look *laughs*)

Plus this shrug - I like shrugs a lot and this one is particularly pretty, and the lace doesn't actually look too hard.

So, lots to add to my ever-expanding queue ;)

My brother, being utterly lovely, decided to buy me some yarn *smiles a lot* Which was just so sweet of him, and totally unexpected. Firstly, a ball of Sirdar Crofter... I made my first pair of mitts out of this stuff in pink, and it was nice to use, so I feel a second pair coming up ;)

Not sure what I'll do with these 2 balls, they're a bit small for any particular project, but mum offered to take the ball bands in and get some more of them once I've decided what to make... The Robin Double Knit could be interesting - I've not used such a mutlicoloured yarn before (excluding the crofter, which is designed to make fair isle patterns).

Not sure why all the photos are sideways, but never mind!

And finally, because it made me laugh so much, I will post one more present...

Yep, a "Diva" washing up sponge.

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