Monday, 28 February 2011

Race to the Finish Line 2

So, second finished project from the weekend - my tank top *grins*

I was getting so sick of doing this one, unlike the wrap from yesterday it wasn't a pleasure to knit at all. I definitely prefer natural fibres and soft, fluffy wool. But, I am very happy with how it came out, so it ended up worth it in the end. Especially considering I didn't have a pattern, I made it up myself *puffed up chest*

I actually prefer the back, there seemed to be better stretches of colour in the yarn, so I ended up with slightly more defined stripe (plus, check it out, I even tried to do some neck shaping!)


The colours are a little more accurately reflected in the picture below, the others seem to have washed it out a little bit...

I'm so pleased with how it came out - for yarn that didn't look entirely as though it would produce a particularly pleasing finished product, and considering how sick of it I got, only an inch into starting the back!

In hindsight I might have changed the 4x4 ribbing at the bottom to 4x2 instead, but I quite like the chunky look - it goes with the yarn I think. I really like the soft v-neck and I'm please with how it fits, I made it deliberately short as I like to have my shirt showing underneath a tank. 

Overall, well done me *laughs*

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