Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I Shall Name Them "Rolf"

As in, can you tell what it is yet? *laughs*

I wasn't feeling very well yesterday and I wanted something very quick to knit - instant gratification almost (I know, I've picked the wrong hobby if I want instant results *grimace*)

I also wanted comfort, and I remembered a pattern I'd seen for Pocketbook Slippers.

I made them with my green Debbie Bliss Como, after frogging the scarf/poncho/wrap/cowl I had started knitting on the train home (despite loving the fake rib I had created with a slipped stitch pattern, I realised it was never going to end up as something useful). This may make them particularly decadent slippers, being 90% merino and 10% cashmere, but they're very snuggly.

Snuggly, but not altogether attractive *laughs* The reason they look so big is because I sized them to go over my fluffy socks, like so:

Yep, even more attractive, right? *giggles* Just be glad I found the cream coloured fluffy sock - I was wearing bright red ones ;) Well, they do look a little elf-like (unfortunately in a "Santa's Little Helper" elf way, rather than the much cooler "Bow wielding, kick ass, Lord of the Rings" elf way... oh well)

What can I say, I get reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllyyy cold feet (just ask poor, long suffering boyfriend!) I'm all about function over fashion when it comes to warmth, well, at least in my own home *grin*

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