Thursday, 24 February 2011


Yesterday was my "back from holiday, doing washing and generally preparing my smooshy, relaxed brain for the onslaught of my neglected inbox before going back to work" day.

I did bugger all :) A small amount of holiday washing was completed (I'm not completely lazy - just mostly lazy *laughs*) I considered it to be an excellent use of my time catching up with all the things that Sky+ had happily collected for me while I was away.

That and knitting *grins* I'd missed it, you see. A whole week with no sticks and string.

I sat myself comfortably, cued up the TV and looked at the back of my tank top. And looked at it some more, thinking "I really should get on with this, it won't take too long to finish"...

Being the contrary madam that I am, as soon as the words "I should" crossed my mind, I immediately didn't want to *chuckles*

So I picked up the soft and cuddly Debbie Bliss Como that I bought in the sales and cast on for something else...

Once it reaches the desired length it'll be folded and stitched together into a beautifully squidgy and warm poncho. It's a nice lace-ish pattern, just some offset yarnovers. I'm sort of following the pattern, although not entirely (I seem to be almost incapable of following one properly - despite not being entirely experienced enough to make as many alterations as I think I can!)

I really like the way the stitches seem to meander across the fabric - I can't wait to finish it!

Of course, on top of the hat and cowl, this is likely to be the third item I'll have cast on and finished while my poor tank top languishes in the knitting box, occasionally poking itself out to glare at me recriminatingly. Ooops ;)

On the plus side, I am using up some more of my stash - which is good news as I keep wanting to buy more pretty yarn but I'm being very strict with myself and not doing so until I have used up at least a chunk of what I already have. The slight issue is my constant rationalising - you know, the bit that says "Ok, so you have 3 balls of brown aran left over from your jumper - but that's leftovers, so you don't have to use that up really" and "Well, I know you have those DK balls that you were planning to make a blanket out of, but you want to make an aran weight blanket instead, so those are just pointless random balls with no purpose, they don't need using" *rolls eyes*

I'm trying to be a little more sensible, and work on the premise that, until I can fit more yarn into my little yarn stashing area, I'm not allowed to buy more. So I can come up with excuse after excuse, but it's about space (of which I have little) and that's the end of it.

At least this poncho will use up 5 balls of chunky, space eating yarn - that should get me well on my way ;)

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