Monday, 7 February 2011

Alot of Crafts*

*disclaimer for anyone who hasn't read this blog post, I do know that "alot" is grammatically incorrect ;)

I had a very productive weekend, I was on a bit of a crafting mission.

There are a couple of cool projects that I can't yet share *tries to curb my inherent impatience* but they can be revealed later in the week. So that's something to look forward to ;)

First up, I decided to dust off my sewing machine. I hadn't used it for ages, so winding the bobbin took a few minutes of head-scratching, tongue-poking out concentration to remember what went where. But I figured it out and got going...

Initial project (very much a "breaking back in gently, don't want to ruin good fabric" kind of project) was this beach bag. It still needs handles, but I managed to line it and include a pocket *proud grin* The fabric was actually a set of tea towels from poundland! Should be good for my holiday next week - I think it's structurally sound enough to carry a book anyway *laughs*

Then I made some more progress on my knitting. I'm actually liking this marble yarn more than I expected to (although the colours look a bit muddy in this picture, they're actually much better in real life), despite some slightly strange sections where the yarn doesn't change colour for ages. I've cut a couple of sections out to try and keep the striping fairly consistent, but I haven't quite figured out which bit I need to join to do the next stage while keeping the stripes. Some calculation required I think!

In between this flurry of activity, I also did boring housework jobs, prepared tasty slow cooked food and, get this, even tidied up the mess I'd made within a mere hour after finishing! Boyfriend was amazed to get back after the weekend to find no mess, no piles of fabric scraps, bits of paper, etc ;)

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