Thursday, 16 December 2010

Reality Strikes

Ok, so my optimism of the last post came crashing down a little bit!

Compare the progress I have actually made:

To the progress I thought I'd made:

Well, ok, I don't have a picture of that, but imagine it about twice as long!

Yeah. Not so much. I realised that things were not looking likely for a Christmas finish, but I figured I'd give it a try anyway. Then, after making about 27 mistakes in the pattern row, I realised that rushing was not going to help.

So, in the interests of not cocking it up completely, I decided to take my time and work on it slowly and accurately *pouts*

I then figured that, as I was going to be knitting this for a while, I'd cast on something else to stave off any boredom that might occur. And, in true oblivious fashion, a second attempt at socks seemed to be the ideal option *shakes head at self* Yep, something I utterly bollocksed last time is just what I need.

To start with I did actually think they'd turn into mitts, but after a few rows I realised that I have skinny wrists and had not taken this into account with the number of stitches. So, instead of making something that will be too big, I am making something that is likely to be too complicated...

Having said that, I am making some progress; there is knitting in the round, no ladders or holes, and I have managed not to poke myself in the eye even a little bit :)

I know I need to take better pictures, my iPhone is not the best replacement for a camera. Really ought to find the charging lead so I can do it all properly!

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