Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Baseless Optimism

So, I've made some progress on my lace scarf (pic to follow when I can get to a camera)...

And this led me to the conclusion that I'd like to finish it by Christmas, so I can wear it to lunch.

There are a number of problems with this plan:

  • I have 11 days. Less if you consider the fact that it'll need blocking
  • I have a job, and therefore 11 days is really only evenings and weekends
  • I have housework, cooking, washing and boyfriend-paying-attention-to that also require my time
  • I am less than a third of the way through so far
  • I don't knit that quickly, or even remotely quickly
  • I have only just ordered the extra skein I need to complete the scarf
  • The last time I tried winding a skein into a ball, I ended up with 2 days worth of untangling to do before I could even get to the knitting part
And yet, somehow, I seem to be under the impression that if I try really hard, I just might be able to do it!

*shakes head* I forsee disappointment in my future.

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