Thursday, 23 December 2010

Mitt > Sock > Mitt

The "sock" I was knitting (you know, the one I thought would be a mitt, then got all ambitious and decided to make a sock... that one) has returned to its original form and is now a completed mitt:

Ok, by "completed" I mean, almost completed, just needs ends woven in ;)

I'm so happy with how it came out. No pattern really, I just did some ribbing until I got bored of that followed by stocking stitch until it seemed about long enough for my hand. For the thumb hole I stopped working in the round and knit back and forth on the needles until the hole seemed big enough, then joined it back up, throwing in a couple of rounds of reverse stocking stitch for interest, more regular stocking and some more ribbing (again, no measurements).

As it was fairly quick to complete I decided that I should get the second one made before Christmas, so I can wear them (is this sounding at all familiar?!) I want to be able to show my mum how much progress I've made as a knitter, so I am determined to get the second one done.

Progress on second mitt so far:

I have all evening, and some of tomorrow morning, before I have to leave to meet mum and brother, so I think I can manage it! I'm ignoring the need to do packing, make labels for boyfriend's parents' gifts, eat, sleep, last minute housework... But this time I don't feel like my optimism is entirely based outside of reality *wry smile*

I love the yarn, Sirdar Crofter, it's so cosy and it was a stupid amount of fun watching the patterns emerge (what can I say, I'm easily amused!) Less amused by the bamboo dpns, they feel really flimsy and have developed a significant curve, slowing progress somewhat. As I plan to use my new ability to knit on 4 needles to my advantage, I think I'll need to invest in something a bit better.

This will probably be my last post for a little while, as I'm going away for Christmas, and have no internet connection at home, so updates when I get back might have to wait :(

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