Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Yarn Shopping with Mum

A couple of weeks ago, when I posted about my Hitchhiker, my mum commented to say that she wanted one. When she saw that the pattern wasn't symmetrical she wasn't quite so keen but I wanted to make something for her anyway. After trying to work out if I could make the pattern symmetrical (with the saw tooth edge on two sides) and deciding it was a little complicated, I decided to look for a new pattern *laughs*

Trying to find a shawl/scarf with a triangular, symmetrical shape, a triangular style edging in a garter stitch pattern was a small challenge, but we finally settled on Pimpelliese. There are some modifications mum would like, that I will need to figure out (shallower at the back to be more of a scarf than a shawl), but it looks like it'll work beautifully.

Of course, this required a trip to find yarn *grins* Like me, mum is quite specific in what she wants, so the brief was:

  • Something that won't stripe
  • Variegated but not clown barf (so, similar colours rather than a rainbow)
  • Preferably colours to match winter coat (green)
  • Soft and tactile

I added a couple of provisos - well, just the one really... It had to be something I wanted to knit with *laughs* So cotton was out, and for speed 4ply was out. 

The first yarn shop we went to didn't have anything suitable (although I did spend a while stroking the Debbie Bliss Andes yarn, I very excellently didn't buy anything). Luckily, the second shop came through...

Colinette Art in the colour Lagoon. 79% Wool, 21% bamboo, similar enough colours to hopefully avoid any unpleasant pooling, soft and strokeable and enough green to match the relevant coat. Phew ;)

Better picture of the colours, which are gorgeous:

Now, as mum has chosen the pattern and bought the yarn, this is a project I can blog about - which is nice. I just need to get a few things off my needles before I can start it!

I did manage to buy some yarn for myself in the second shop, which may seem like it has broken my yarn diet... However, it is the same as some I already have and means that I will be able to make something a little more useful with it (first time round I hadn't really bought enough for anything I wanted to make, ooops!). So, although I don't really need to justify my yarn purchases, I'm still pleased that I have actually made some stash yarn a little more attractive *grins*


  1. Made perfect sense to me! I just donated over 3000 yds of yarn, does that mean I can buy more? LOL

  2. I love that yarn, gorgeous colours!

  3. Lovely colour of yarn. And i know what you mean, I'm on a SERIOUS yarn diet, but I may have to buy some because I have 100g of cotton 4ply and nothing to make with it...

  4. Ooh, Colinette Art is lovely! I made a hat and scarf with the red colourway last year, and really enjoyed working with it - and the finished items looked good too :)

  5. I can't wait to see the finished item of this - and wear it! Hope you enjoy making it.

  6. That is pretty yarn! I bet your mum is happy :-)

  7. Her requirements are few and I think the yarn your chose is perfect!

  8. Wonderful colours. So now, after a year as a knitter, you are knitting to order. Yay!

  9. Lovely pattern and gorgeous yarn. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this, have favourited the pattern


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