Thursday, 24 November 2011

Cookbook Challenge #7 & #8

See, I missed a few weeks of my challenge and then I went a little crazy and did two new recipes at the weekend... No, wait, this meal includes 2 separate cookbook recipes *edits post title* Three new recipes (I posted one on Monday, in case you missed it!)

Lemon, Broccoli and Sesame Roast Chicken (another Good Food magazine one, so you can access it online).

As the supermarket had run out of tenderstem broccoli, we used sugarsnap peas instead. I also omitted the sesame oil because I really don't like the taste. Otherwise, I followed the recipe exactly.

It was absolutely gorgeous. So tasty. I dished up with the roasted lemon wedges even though we weren't likely to eat them, just because it looked extra pretty *laughs* The lemon flavour was so rich and the stickiness and sesame seeds were perfect. Hugely successful recipe!

The only thing I would change if I did it again would be to add the sugarsnaps later in the cooking process. Totally my own fault, I knew that they would take less time than broccoli would and yet somehow this slipped my mind when it came to adding them. They were still gorgeous though, and really soaked up the garlic.

To accompany, instead of serving rice as the recipe suggested, I decided to make bread again. Chicken and bread is one of my all time favourite combinations *grins*

To tie in with the sesame seeds in the chicken dish, I made sesame breadsticks, from the book Dough, by Richard Bertinet.

I love this book, but have only made a couple of things from it. As it had a sesame recipe it seemed like the perfect time to get reacquainted *laughs* Although the recipe is for sesame and aniseed, I hate aniseed so went with my old favourite, thyme, instead ;)

Also very successful *grins*

I'm so glad I started this challenge, pretty much everything I have made so far has been really tasty. I know that I am selecting recipes that I think boyfriend and I will enjoy anyway, but it is so much fun to broaden our recipe horizons a little bit more.


  1. That chicken looks delicious! Might have to give it a go myself.

    Will be doing a cookbook challenge tonight actually - baking cakes for my soon-to-be-ex work colleagues.

  2. Yum! It does look gorgeous. Recipe bookmarked!

  3. Yum!! I love sugar snap peas much better than broccoli.

  4. The chicken looks gorgeous! And much nicer than the photo on the recipe. I'm definitely going to give it a go sometime soon :)

  5. You are becoming everso gastronomic. I have to contribute a hearty soup to a Boxing Day family meal and I'm thinking those breadsticks would go rather well with it.


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