Thursday, 17 November 2011

What Next?

Well, last night I finished my socks *big grin* So you will see them tomorrow when I happily show them off. 3 pairs of handknitted socks for me, putting me on track to have an entirely handknit sock drawer by, oh about 2020!

Of course, this means I only now have 2 projects for myself on the go (plus a few gift knitting projects) and that just won't do... But this means choosing what to cast on next, and that requires far more brain power than you might expect *laughs* I have a lovely stash of yarn, and a groaning Ravelry queue, but what I can't decide is the type of project I want to knit next.

  • I'm excited to use my pure alpaca yarn, which is destined to become some kind of tank top/vest. But my 2 current projects are garments and perhaps I shouldn't start another one until those are done
  • I have yarn and the pattern to knit the gorgeous Owls sweater, but again, it's a garment so I'm hesitating
  • It's getting cold out now, so maybe fingerless mitts to keep my hands warm?
  • Or legwarmers, I want legwarmers and they shouldn't take too long, and will free up some room in the stash faster than the mitts
  • Also, I have lots of sock yarn and I love socks and I want many more handknit socks...
  • I have yarn to make a scarf for my mum, which she would probably like before it gets completely freezing!
  • Maybe casting anything on is a bad plan and I should concentrate on the gift knitting - which would be good as Christmas isn't far off, but bad because then I'd have nothing I can blog about

So, dilemma *laughs*

This means that I am not casting on anything straight away. Which does actually result in me appearing to have superhuman willpower against the knitter's desire to cast on all the things. Plus, I can work on my current projects while I decide, instead of getting wrapped up in the excitement of new project on the needles, hopefully resulting in some extra progress. 

But really, I just want to be able to knit all the time and cast on everything I could ever want, and knit so fast that nothing takes longer than a week *laughs*


  1. I agree with Tink, Leg Warmers cos it is getting pretty chilly these days and they will give a good quick fix of start and finish buzz all in a short time which will make you feel virtuous.

  2. Boy, have I been there and done that! I think sometimes just anticipating something new is exciting enough.

  3. Casting on something new is so much fun! I vote leg warmers!!

  4. The thinking and planning part is sometimes my favorite activity :D

  5. I'm thinking of.......socks. But, that's what I want to CO next.

    So, for you, perhaps the fingerless mitts or the gift for your mum. I'm actually learning more toward the gift for your mum as we all know it's getting colder here in the northern hemisphere :)

  6. lol. We all have that dilemma. Don't we?

    I have managed to stay strong so far... mostly because I only have 3 weeks left for birthday knitting. But that's really only 5 days because he returns from his trip on Monday. And there's only 5 weeks left for Christmas knitting. Arrrgh! Panic ensues.

  7. I don't want to work! I just want play with yarn all day.

  8. I'm with you -- isn't there a dizzying amount of wonderfulness to knit out there? It's overwhelming -- but in a good way. And I don't know about you, but it seems no matter how much stash yarn I have, none of it is ever quite right for my new project. So, off I go to order more. Maybe there's a self help group for this ;)?

  9. It's just such lovely fun thinking about it. i think you have been very disciplined so far.

  10. yay socks! if I were you, I would probably cast on for all of those things....


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