Monday, 31 October 2011

A-Z Round-Up

As the ABC meme finishes this week, I thought it would be fun to do a round-up post... Click here to go to all posts with the ABC tag to read more.

A - I missed the first week thanks to my excitement to post something else entirely.
B - Bags. My obsession with handbags and my search for the right knitting bag.
C - Chaos. Following a weekend of trying out some new crafts and making a lot of mess.
D - Doodling. I doodle a lot.
E - Expectations. I enjoyed this post, looking back at some of the erroneous expectations I'd had when I started knitting. The comments were very reassuring too ;)
F - Fruity Fun. Or Adventures in Dyeing sock yarn with Kool Aid *laughs*
G - Gastronomy. This picture of my cookbooks all lined up is part of what inspired me to start my cookbook challenge!
H - Home. A small tour around my living room.
I - In the City. All about the book "Little Red in the City" by Ysolda.
J - Junebug win. A post about winning a giveaway on figknits and getting some gorgeous sock yarn.
K - Knit Nation. Fortuitous timing, as I would have been posting about it anyway *grins*
L - Random word list. As a "logophile" (lover of words) these lists crop up whenever I couldn't think what to write ;)
M - Many things beginning with M.
N - Natalie. That's me!
O - Outfits. A question for the reader - do you knit what you want and fit it into your wardrobe, or do you knit things that will already fit your usual outfits?
P - Plans. A post about my tendency to make (and then immediately break) lots of plans to do with my knitting...
Q - Quack. A photograph of ducks invading boyfriend's living room *laughs*
R - Random word list. The word "reremouse" actually inspired me to write a children's story!
S - Shakespeare. In which I confessed my love for the Bard and tried to demonstrate that he is still relevant and influential today.
T - Travel. The post conveniently co-incided with the trip to France boyfriend and I had taken the day before ;)
U - Random word list. The word "usward" was the best, and most popular *laughs*
V - Vastness (of space). A post about the time I spent on the back of a boat in Australia learning about the stars.
W - Writing. This post reminded me just how much I love writing, and how much I really want a writing room!
X - I completely forgot about X *ooops face*
Y - You. This was a fun one, looking at my stats and seeing what an "average" reader is like (although I'm sorry I forgot the small but vocal group of Chrome users!)
Z - Random word list. My favourite one was Zenzizenzizenzic ;)

I had fun doing this, and will probably carry on posting random word lists on days where my inspiration is lacking - from the comments they do seem fairly popular *grins*

For now though, after 26 weeks of this, I shall have to come up with posts all by myself...


  1. Congratulations on getting to the end of the alphabet! I've loved your posts =)

  2. I really like this post. I had forgotten a lot of them so it was good to re-visit.

  3. I really enjoyed your ABC posts. The random words list was my favorite:)

  4. Yay for a fellow logophile - now I know my word-love even has a fancy name!


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