Monday, 28 November 2011


I posted a week or so ago about the list of projects I was planning to cast on, once I had decided which one to start first. Working on my Cria meant that I didn't cast anything on straight away (I was enjoying the surprising burst of motivation for a long-neglected project *laughs*)

Then, a few days later, I mentioned that I had bought some yarn to make a hat for the boyfriend.

Well, my eagerness to try out the Malabrigo I'd bought won out, and I cast on for the hat *grins*

I can see why people rave about this yarn - it is gorgeous. So incredibly soft. I am torn between wanting to work on it exclusively and wanting to take my time to savour the yarn *laughs*

Boyfriend has been stoking his hat in progress (the pattern is Hat fit for a Boyfriend) and is amazed at how luxurious the yarn is *smiles* Nothing but the best for him ;)

I love the depth of the colour, and the subtle variations. It means that it's actually not frustrating making a dark blue hat when I am already making a dark blue cardigan, and dark purple [secret project]!

Having said that, I think all this dark knitting has chosen my next project for me... I shall be casting on for my mum's scarf next. Partly because she is waiting so very patiently but also because the yarn is so wonderfully colourful *grins*


  1. Ssssshhhh! Don't tell me how gorgeous the yarn is, I am resisting buying some to try! :) Both yarns look beautiful and you have picked a great pattern

  2. Knitting with great yarn is the only way to knit. Makes you want to hide all of the yarn that knits like a chore. The color is GORGEOUS!

  3. Ha, I cast on the same hat pattern, although for my son, as my husband would frown if I had a boyfriend ;)!
    Love that yarn!!!

  4. I've heard so much about malabrigo, and it looks absolutely stunning. It's not often that a picture gets across how squishy a yarn is, but yours looks fab.

  5. I love Malabrigo! My fav. LYS stocks a whole wall of it. I sit with my back too it when I'm there. It makes it slightly easier to resist.

  6. The hat looks great! He is going to wear it daily I am sure-weather permitting of course!

  7. Malabrigo is heaven. Your boyfriend will love the hat and I bet he'll want a scarf to match:)

  8. Oh Malabrigo. I was gifted my first skein of it the other day and just feeling it has made me a convert!


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