Monday, 17 October 2011

Y is for...


Yep, I'm talking to you *grins* And I must say, your hair looks lovely today.

First up, I want to thank you for reading. When I started this blog, I never thought anyone other than my mum and boyfriend would read it, so it means a huge amount to me that you do too. Your comments make me smile and I love being able to "meet" bloggers and read what you have to say as well. So thank you *smiles*

Now, I have had a look at my stats, and I have some information about you - well, an average you. Though, of course, you are clearly more than average... As a reader of this blog, you are a person of excellent taste and character ;)

  • You are 50% American, 30% British, 6% Canadian and 14% very well travelled ;)
  • Your web browsing preference is Firefox, very closely followed by Internet Explorer
  • Chances are you are using a PC, although 15% of you have a Mac, and 2% have the good fortune to be visiting from an iPad
You most likely came here for the first time through one of the lovely link parties I join - WIP Wednesdays, Yarn Along, Finished Object Fridays, Creative Fridays, Fibre Arts Fridays... However, you could be one of the people who found my blog through some interesting google searches. Such as:

  • ratio of monkeys today 10/13/11
  • princess soles
  • fabulus friday crats
  • the babe with the power
  • marvin the martian reading
  • messy kitchen
  • craft ideas for the number 13 
  • beautiful+things+to+knit
Now, some of these searches make sense, others not so much *laughs* As for the last one, I'm just flattered that it brought you here.

So, you now know a little bit more about yourself. And you thought this blog was all about me... ;)


  1. Please, no more "You are here" signs. I saw way too many of them during our trip out to San Fran. From the airport ones showing me I was at Gate C45 which was miles away from Gate A23, to the chart at Muir Woods, to the Piers, to the Island of Alcatraz. And each one of them showing that I had miles to do before I got back to where I had been!!!
    Glad I haven't used any of those weird searches to arrive here.

  2. I love that we can see the search terms that brought people to our blogs. I get some rather random ones as well, although the list at the moment is all a bit sensible compared to yours!

    Quite often I have to go into Google myself and search for the same terms, just to see why my page came up in the results!

  3. "The babe with the power"! That one is fantastic.

  4. I browse with chrome- I guess that just doesn't matter!

  5. Yes, I found you from a yarn along and I'm glad I did. I now come back often to visit! Have a great Monday!xx

  6. I love that babe with the power is one of the search terms that led to your site...David Bowie's Pants for the Win!

    Hello, my name is Amy, and I represent a portion of your Mac Firefox readers ;)

  7. Aww this is so cool!

    And just to jump on Amy's bandwagon...

    Hello, my name is l'il macaroon, and I represent a portion of your Mac Firefox readers who found you via Yarn Along ;0)

  8. I love reading the search terms I get. Some of them are so far off the mark like "girl in bath tub". There is no way that I am all that high up on google page rankings for that search string.

  9. I am a chrome user....I must be represented some where!

  10. Why thank you for noticing my new hairdo!!! Hehe!! Very cute post!!

  11. Excellent post. I love that you turned the whole blog thing around on the reader

  12. I remember how excited I was to get my first follower and I still wonder how people find my blog. Am intrigued now to see what search terms people did use! Thanks for another totally cool post : )


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