Monday, 10 October 2011

W is for...


I love writing. I got out of the habit for a long time so, when I started this blog, part of my enjoyment of it was to do with the simple fact that I was writing again. Not a lot, and not anything earth shattering, but putting my thoughts down into a coherent form and enjoying the process.

I have ideas and rough notes for 2 novels (although I am sure that everyone has their dream novel in their head, so until I actually write them they really don't count!) They're both utterly different, one is a fantasy novel with a heaven/hell theme and one is based on politics... Not quite sure how that works *laughs*

I've also written 3 children's stories. They do count, because I have actually written them ;) Boyfriend would love for me to get them illustrated and then attempt to get them published. I really enjoyed writing them, I have a very different style depending on what I am writing and the one that comes most naturally is the one where I feel more like I am talking to the reader than setting out a story. It just so happens that both my blog and the children's stories are written in that sort of style (albeit with fairly significant differences).

One thing I found with these stories is that I can't force them, I don't decide on a subject or character or storyline  Inspiration strikes randomly and I write. The last story I wrote was actually inspired by a post on this blog. My "R is for" post...

I mentioned the word "reremouse" meaning bat, which I read as ra-ra mouse. I ended up writing about a slightly odd bat, a little bit flamboyant and playful, who saves the day through his eccentricities *laughs*

Unfortunately, the adult sized stories I want to tell don't flow as quickly and easily as those for children, so I struggle to force the words out. One day I would love to have a writing area with a huge whiteboard where I could plot out the details/timelines/characters/relationships, so that I could just get on with the writing part.

Until then, I shall continue to seek inspiration in the unexpected and enjoy writing at all.


  1. Keep at it. While I love to read, I don't believe I have a novel in me as I don't really have that sort of attention span, but if you have the rough notes, don't abandon them. And I think the story about the bat has got to be a winner.

  2. I would love to read a book you have written! I have a great love for children's books and hope you summit them to a publishing company. xx

  3. I definitely agree with your boyfriend - get those books published!!!! The written word is so inspiring for children - they would love it!! You have a talent that you can put to use - you are very blessed.

  4. keep writing and you just never know where it might lead to. Maybe a book in print!!!

  5. Wonderful! If you ever need advice on the publishing industry, I can help you out. Been researching/writing about it for years, and waiting to publish a novel myself.

  6. As a kid and then a teen, I was constantly writing stories and poems. Then a weird thing happened where I turned 17 and whatever flow I had with writing just sort of dried up. Maybe it was from taking a good look at my writing and analyzing it like I had to do in class and realized how cliched I am?

    I took a creative writing class in college and I was so swamped with work that I just handed in some of my better stuff from high school. I did write the prologue to a story that I would love to really flesh out but that never went anywhere.

    I'm really enjoying blogging but it's not the sort of writing that I aspired to do as a kid. BUT to end this comment on a happy note, I've found my knitting and crafting to be a better outlet for me than writing ever was. I love the things I make even after I've noticed its flaws. I can't say the same about my writing after I really looked at it.

  7. I hope you'll follow through with getting the children's book illustrated and published. It might seem daunting, but you never know til you try. Good luck!

  8. I started out telling stories to my granddaughter. Then I thought it would be a neat idea to have a bound book complete with illustrations to give to her as a birthday present.

    I found an illustrator on Etsy. She was also familiar with book layouts.
    I used the site BLURB to "publish" and the book turned out great!

    I think it will be something my granddaughter will treasure and pass along to her children.

  9. I think you should take all the advice (especially lyndagrace) and get yourself published!

  10. You ever join in National Novel Writing Month? It's fun as heck and it's a really great kick in the butt to turn "someday" into "Holy cow, I actually wrote a novel!" The website,, just went live for this year.

  11. Keep writing. As Rogue Butterfly says, a monthly writing is not only fun it can leed to a printed book. I participated in " three years ago. It helped me through a horrible November and .. tha da I had a novel and found an editor and sold about 200 copies. I'm still proud of it. :-)
    There is bod (book on demands) where you can print as many copies as you like. Check the website. It is a good offer I think. I will print my next book at bod. It's half done.

  12. This from your profile caught my attention:
    "Creative and impatient - unfortunately that combination leads to grand ideas and grave disappointment!" I can absolutely relate.

    Something interesting I am noticing as I travel around reading peoples blogs .. creative people tend to be creative across the board. Knitters are also writers and cooks, musicians and painters. I thought I was odd in my ceaseless search for "the perfect outlet", but I'm not .. and that's nice.
    Great blog and great style. Thanks for stopping by.


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