Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sock Monkey Swap

A little while ago I posted a picture of the sock monkey I had made for a swap...

Well, I got my parcel in return *grins*

I got a whole lot of monkey themed goodies; a monkey pad, bookmark, fabric, apron, facemask... Plus 2 skeins of Lang Jawoll yarn in black and brown and a fold up shopping bag in a lovely bronze colour (my mum swears by these little bags). And, of course, the awesome sock monkey (oh, also, not pictured is a cute little "grow your own monkey" thing that you put in water and it gets bigger - not pictured because I got excited and put it in water before taking the photos *laughs*)

One of the things I like most is the apron. I made boyfriend an awesome batman apron for Christmas last year and he wears it all the time. But I never got round to making one for myself. Well, now I have a handmade apron of my own, and it has monkeys on it ;) And I got extra fabric, so I can make something else for myself too. I'm thinking a chef hat *grins*

But the coolest thing in the swap was the monkey:

Yes, he is a Malcolm Reynolds Monkey (from Firefly/Serenity, if you don't know it - and if not, why not?!)

Check out the holster, with a ray gun inside. It even has a button closure. So clever. The embroidery on his chest says "I aim to misbehave", the fabulous quote from the film Serenity, and he has a pendant with the ship's logo on it.

And because I think he is so very cool, check out the back for a better view of his brown coat with a hole for his tail, and he has hair...

I love how much work my swap partner put into this *grins*


  1. He looks even better from behind. ;-)

  2. That's fabulous! Malcolm Reynolds monkey is amazing.

  3. That is one super awesome monkey!!!!

  4. That is probably the cutest browncoat that I have ever seen! Go firefly! I cannot tell you how excited I was to see Nathan Fillion on the Guild. It was nerd-tastic.

  5. So cute! I couldn't get into Firefly but that is a nicely done monkey!

  6. OMG I totally love your Mal Monkey!!!!!!! what a great swap!

  7. How cute is the monkey! What great goodies you got.

  8. That is a super swap parcel, love the monkey apron fabric

  9. Too funny! My friend is writing a book about monkeys (can't go into it much more than that). She is in the illustration stage. If you would like and if can you remind me (my brains are a little slow), I can let you know about it when it comes out. I saw it in "dummy" stage and it was really fun.


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