Thursday, 27 October 2011

Stash Attack

I recently reorganised and took a photo of my yarn stash. Just to remind myself that I really don't need to buy any more!

The left hand first few rows are sock yarn, all excitingly available as soon as I finish my damn second-sock-syndrome sock.

I decided in July that I would avoid buying more yarn until I had reduced the stash to manageable levels, aside from my planned purchases at Knit Nation. Since then I have only bought 6 new balls. One skein of Old Maiden Aunt and 5 balls of angora when I went to France. I'm pretty impressed with this *grins*

More crucially though, I should really work out what I have used up in that time!
  • Blanket - 4 balls (3 of which came from a colleague, one I have had since possibly my second ever yarn purchase!)
  • Boyfriend's socks - used 1 ball (annoyingly I had bought 2 just in case, so I still have a ball left)
  • Crochet baby blanket - 2 balls (both from a colleague)
  • Slouchy hat - 1 ball (from a swap - so really I also got rid of another ball by swapping it away elsewhere!)
  • Baby Hoodie - 2 balls (from colleague)
  • Ruffle neckwarmer - 1 ball (from colleague)
  • Total: 11 (plus the one I swapped away)

2 things strike me about this list... Firstly, that I haven't finished many projects in a while, and have therefore not reduced my stash much at all! And secondly, my projects all seem to have used up yarn that I didn't actually buy, save for boyfriends socks. Interesting.

Now, as you know, I do have projects on the needles, and so perhaps I should also count the yarn used there...
  • Cria - used 5 balls so far, with another 6 to go (which were a gift from boyfriend's mum)
  • Sock - well, first sock used half, so second sock will finish the ball
  • Hitchhiker - almost finished and will have used 1 ball
  • Ballet sweater - used 2 balls so far, another 3 to go

So, the used total increases by 8.5, with 9.5 to add on once the projects are finished. That helps a little *laughs*

At this rate, though, there won't be any yarn buying for me for a while! I haven't determined at what point the embargo on new purchases ends, but there definitely needs to be a significant dent in the stash first ;)


  1. I wish i was as strong as you! lol
    i even have a hard time letting my hand dyed yarn go lol

  2. That is my kind of stash! Maybe I need to go through and plan some projects with my stash.....

  3. I don't think that I could ever stop buying yarn...I do try to not go to the yarn store all the time, because inevitably I come out with something...all that soft baby wool...I do have projects for most of what I have in my stash, of course I probably will not finish them for another 10 years I knit so slowly!

  4. Your stash looks really nice and knitable. Mine is a mess and there is a ton of it. I really don't knit fast enough. Yes, that's my problem:)

  5. I saw a terrible aisle name in our local craft shop today, it was called "Stash Starter!" and was a jumble of odds and ends and sale stuff. As if anyone needs encouragement to start a stash! I wouldn't wish a stash on anyone because I just wish I could get through mine and start a clean slate, but I know it'll never happen! Irresponsible merchandising I reckon (though mercifully it's virtually impossible to find any nice yarn here so I'm never tempted)

  6. Love the teal colour of that Special Aran in the top right corner.

    I don't think my stash is quite as big as yours, but for someone who has always said "I'm only buying yarn with specific projects in mind" I seem to have a lot more on the shelves than I should!

  7. I've had this "problem" for the longest. But, sometimes looking at the stash just makes me happy.

  8. Gorgeous stash...........I have a serious yarn addiction. I need to avoid places that sell yarn or I just buy buy buy! Then I want to start a new project and buy yarn for it. I tell myself it will all get used in the end :)

  9. I recently started knitting through my stash a bit...for some reason it feels so wonderful when you use up what you have. You know, leftover sock yarn is great for the Beekeeper's Quilt! :)

  10. Sock yarn definitely doesn't count as stash...although it does seem to be what most of my stash is made up of ;)

  11. Lots of lovely yarn, I think after Christmas I am going to try and use up what I have around, stash makes me a little nervous that it is going to be eaten by something!

  12. I really must do this with my stash - if I had a picture of it, rather than it all being in the garage, I think I'd find it easier not to keep adding to it!

    My yarn embargo will start in 2012. Like you, I really need to get finishing. Stash building is much more fun though! You've got some lovely colours there :)

  13. I'm pretty sure I couldn't get all my stash in one picture, in one layer, without a fisheye lens. It's possible that I don't even have enough floor space....

    You're doing well using up yarn, keep at it!

  14. I wish my stash was that small......I have 8+ large rubbermaid bins (the 64 qt. size, I think), all full of yarn (to the point that the lids are popping off).

    Don't even get me started on the fiber...that's a couple bins, too.

    I need to knit more and buy less......and spin :)

  15. Lol, my daughter just said "stash - that?" Lovely yarn and now I feel doubly embarassed that I have so much and was thinking how nice it would be to treat myself for payday tomorrow. Love how you know what you have used from your stash. What plans do you have for what you have left?

  16. I made the same vow not to buy any more until I had used some. I've only fallen off the wagon once or twice. Problem is my knitting progress is so slow. I'm really impressed that you have to stats to monitor your performance.


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