Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Cookbook Challenge #3

This weekend I felt like baking. Instead of going for my usual recipes, I thought it would be a good opportunity to cook from a cookbook. It doesn't all have to be savoury food *grins* The point is to cook from books that are on my shelf that haven't been touched, so I picked up a cupcake book that I hadn't used before:

Now, whilst boyfriend and I often like the same things, we are fairly incompatible when it comes to cake *sigh* I prefer chocolate cake, he likes Victoria Sponge. So this generally means I either make 2 cakes/batches of cupcakes or one of us goes without.

However, this book presented a compromise... Marble cupcakes *grins*

As you can see, my marbling was more effective on some cakes than others ;)

Of course, cupcakes must be decorated, so I broke out my cake decorating supplies. I have an antique oxo tin with icing tips from my granddad - who was a baker - and lots of colourings and powders from my mum.

OK, so they don't look quite like the ones in the posh bakeries, but that's mostly because I am far too impatient *laughs* I particularly liked these 2 though:

The creamy coloured one actually has gold and silver dusting powder on it, and I tried to replicate the marble effect with the icing on the other one.

They were pretty good - although I found the chocolate cake a little flavourless... The recipe makes a batch of regular cake batter, then you split the batter between two bowls and add a tablespoon of cocoa to one of the bowls... It doesn't make for a particularly chocolatey cake. So, although they were enjoyable, and it is quicker than making 2 completely separate cake batters, I don't think I'd choose this recipe again.


  1. cupcakes are so much fun - I've never used sparkle sugar, but I bet it just makes them look even more delicious - lovely post!

  2. They look so pretty! I haven't made marble cake in ages. It really does make a great compromise for those who only like chocolate or vanilla.

  3. Would increasing the cocoa make a difference? I gave up a kit of bag/tips because I didn't know how to use them. Then a few months later someone taught me! Oh well, one of these days I might pick up some.

  4. Gold and silver powder? That sounds like fun. Love the cupcakes -- they allow you to be pretty creative with the decorating, don't they?

  5. These are pictures (and cakes of course)! I have walnuts (already cracked) in the kitchen waiting to be baked into something delicious ...

  6. They look delicious all around.

  7. Oh yum! Cupcakes! Think it is OK to have one for breakfast? ;)

  8. You must have a really lovely collection of inspiring cookbooks.

  9. They look so good. Making me really hungry. How great to have your grandad's baking tips. That's really something.


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