Monday, 24 October 2011

Z is for....

Zone, Zebra, Zenith... I can't decide what to do with Z (but, as I accidentally skipped X, I really should come up with something!)

So, as ever, I turn to my trusty source of unusual words and present to you the letter Z...

Zamarra - sheepskin jacket (as ever, I do try to include some knitting/fibre related content *grins)
Zebroid - resembling a zebra (because saying something "resembles a zebra" is inefficient)
Zendalet - large black woolen shawl worn over the head or shoulders (oooh, 2 knitting related words)
Zenzizenzizenzic - eighth power of a number (seriously, how many times does one word need to include the letter Z?! I could have just posted this word and been done with it *laughs*)
Zibeline - soft, plied wool (anyone else surprised by the fact that there are multiple unusual words beginning with Z that are actually relevant to a knitting blog?!)
Zorino - euphemism for skunk fur (I do have to wonder why on earth there needs to be a euphemism for this)
Zumbooruk - small canon carried on the back of a camel (I just love that this exists and has a name)

I have to say, I have really enjoyed putting together the unusual words posts, so I may post one now and again even though the alphabet meme finished ;) Well, it finishes next week technically, as I skipped a week, so I'll probably post something to finish everything off properly.


  1. Vocabulary expansion is always good! I love words with weird spelling, like the one with all the z's.

  2. It is my opinion that English does not use the letter Z often enough.

  3. I thought a zebroid was an equinine animal crossed with a zebra. At least, that's what I was told when we saw one (it was a zebra cross shetland pony). And well done for getting to z!

  4. I always love seeing what words you come up with!! Too funny that a lot of them were knitting related as well! I have to say, I was secretly hoping you would do an X post with new X words... ;-D

  5. Ah, hilarious! You are a beautiful abecedarian. Katie x

  6. Well, that sure gives me some ideas for Scrabble! I love unusual words (ok, I admit it, I have been known just to read a page of the dictionary at random - I am that weird). Thanks!


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