Monday, 14 January 2013

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn

I like yarn. You may have noticed this already *laughs* On Saturday I got 2 parcels with yarn in the post, which made for an exciting morning ;)

First one was a prize I won in my Nerd Wars team, I got to choose a skein from Nooch fiber, and I picked Merman:

It's slightly more greenish than this picture shows. I have no idea what I'm making with it, but isn't it pretty?

The second parcel was some undyed sock yarn, because it has been ages since I did any dyeing. I jumped in immediately, I'm no good at delayed gratification *laughs*

I did not learn from previous mistakes, so I ended up with seriously bright blue hands. I also forgot to re-tie the skein, so it got a bit tangled. Not looking forward to trying to wind it!

I started with a turquoise colour, then dunked parts of the yarn in darker blue, set that then dunked some more areas in a dark purple. It came out really cool, even though I didn't start with any sort of plan *laughs*

Next time though, I really must remember gloves!

I have also ordered some yarn from A Stash Addict, so I won't do a stash status update until that arrives ;)


  1. Lucky you, getting nice prizes like that. The hand dyed you did looks amazing! It's exactly the kind of yarn I would snap up, if I saw it for sale. Can't wait to see what you knit with it!

  2. Beautiful yarn! I bet the blue hands are getting some looks:)

  3. lucky you winning yarn! Love the tag with the first skein-quite creative! Happy knitting :)

  4. I love your hand dyed yarn, great colours. Looking forward to seeing it knitted up. Merman is lovely too, what a fab prize!

  5. Gorgeous yarns! Your hand-dyed one looks lovely in the skein - I'm sure it will be very pretty knitted up.

  6. Oh I love mail like that. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of some yarn.........

  7. I love these color ways. You did a great job dyeing.


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