Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sock KAL

I mentioned yesterday that I have cast on a new sock, to make up for the annoyance I am feeling at my Noro socks (hate the yarn, it tangles every few stitches. I'll finish them, but I won't like it!)

New sock - has another repeat since last night but I forgot to take a new picture!

Anyway, I had already decided to join in with the latest Knitalong (KAL) from Sarah at Crafts from the Cwtch. So, you may wonder why I have already cast on, if the KAL hasn't started yet (the official start date will be Thursday 24th January)

Well, as I am knitting these socks one at a time, I thought the community aspect of a knitalong would help me to try and overcome second sock syndrome - but if I want to have a hope of getting to the second sock in the appropriate timespan, I needed to start right away *laughs*

This is a fairly long-winded way of saying:

  • Sarah is having a sock KAL - check out her blog today for details
  • I am participating, because I love socks
  • I have already started, but that's ok because reasons

Anyway, although I don't consider myself an expert by any stretch of the imagination, I have knitted socks toe up, top down, one at a time, 2 at a time, on DPNs and using magic loop - so if anyone has any questions during the KAL, I'll do my best to help!


  1. Delighted to have you along! :)

    Sorry to hear about that sock though - there is a technical name for it it's "a bummer"

  2. That looks like a fun pattern, the color really makes it pop.

  3. I think if you really don't like the Noro yarn while it's being knit up as socks, maybe you should frog? You should be having f-u-n!
    I think I'll be joining the sock KAL too!


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