Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Musings on Labels

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to see what I post about most often. So I changed the settings on the widget that shows all the labels I use for posting to also display how many posts are in each category (I then changed it back straight away because I found it a bit cluttered, but I kept a screenshot *smiles*)

From this I can see that I have accidentally got two labels for Ooops, one with 3 "o"s and one with 2 *laughs* The irony is not lost on me ;)

I can also see that I have clearly forgotten to label a few things - because I only have one post tagged as "handspun" despite completing more than one skein.

I'm quite amused that I have 41 posts tagged as "New Yarn" and only 16 as "Stashbusting" *laughs* Doesn't that show my priorities rather clearly?!

Unsurprisingly "Knitting", "FO" and "WIPW" are the top 3 tags - as this is a knitting blog that participates in WIP Wednesdays and FO Fridays, I think that is pretty self explanatory!

I was slightly surprised that the next highest result is "Socks", though perhaps I shouldn't be. I never set out to write a sock knitting blog, but apparently I am on the way to having one anyway *laughs* Not a problem of course, I love sock knitting and my handknit socks are the items that get the most wear out of anything I have made.

This might be a feature of the tags I am using of course, "socks" seems to be the only project specific label I seem to use. Food for thought...

So, I have a question for you - do you ever look at the tags on blogs you read? Either on posts or on the sidebar? Do you click them, or use them to see what sort of thing the blog covers (garment knitting, sock knitting, crochet, cooking, etc) or ignore completely?

I'm trying to work out if I want to update tags on older posts, making them more useful, or if people aren't that fussed about them and I just shouldn't bother *laughs*


  1. Thanks for your post, I've wanted to add the labels widget for ages, but didn't know what it was called! All I need to know now, is how to edit the labels once I've set them so they all begin with a capital letter. Sometimes I look at tags on the sidebar if I'm generally browsing through blogs for something specific.

  2. I don't pay a huge amount of attention to labels on other blogs, but I find them handy on my own (eg if I wanted to link to all my previous posts on... gardening, say, it's a good way to select all those pages together in one link. But I wouldn't bother going back and working on your categories, might be very time consuming with little practical purpose.
    Love your two varying degrees of (o)oops!

  3. I don't look at tags that often but I have searched for something and had a bunch of tagged posts come up and that was really helpful. On Wordpress I can follow tags so I do follow some.
    The sock looks great!

  4. I generally ignore tags on other blogs, but I use them to keep track of my own posts like Little Macaroon above. I'm not that systematic about applying them, though.

  5. I DO use tags and find them quite helpful if I'm looking for something specific: all the posts about sweaters or afghans or whatever. There are blogs I avoid because they don't categorize things well (or at all). Am I willing to spend hours wading through a pile of posts searching for something that's interesting or relevant to me? Probably not.

  6. You do knit a lot of socks, I love it. Your stash busting efforts might be focused on sock related projects. I like tags when people simplify them into larger, and perhaps more useful, categories such as tutorials and finished projects. I'm trying to figure out how I want to configure them on my own blog, it's a challenge, but I like what you've done.

  7. I love your blog so much I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :)

    Liebster Award

  8. I kind of look but don't pay a whole lot of attention. I do do labels in case I need to find a past post or projects.
    The socks are wild!


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