Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year :)

Hey everyone *grins and waves*

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year (or other holiday that you celebrate). I had a lovely time, even if I didn't get round to turning on the computer!

I got some lovely crafty presents, so I thought I would show them off ;)

First up - some books. My lovely brother bought me the Sock Knitting Masterclass, and I am keen to try out some of the new toes and heels that are in there. I bought myself Socktopus to accompany it, with some Christmas money from my Gran. And the Best In Show - Knit Your Own Dog was a silly present from mum *laughs* Although, I do have a couple of patterns in there that I am tempted to make!

Cunning boyfriend bought me the cutest project bag (that was apparently on my amazon wishlist, but as I had completely forgotten about it, it was a lovely surprise *laughs*)

Yay, robots :)

He also bought me some crystal resin that I have really been wanting to try out - because I need another hobby *laughs*

The most surprising gift came inside a parcel from the always fabulous Sarah. I had won her pre-Christmas giveaway of a couple of reindeer/stag blanks to customise...

Aren't they cool? I plan to steampunk them.

Anyway, along with the prize was a card, which mentioned a "little" gift...

Little?! I was so very, very excited. Isn't the yarn beautiful? I have wanted to try Juno Fibre Arts sock yarn for ages and ages, and now I have some of my very own *grins* I love the colour, purple with red and blue speckles. Thank you so, so much Sarah. Also, no one else had bought me yarn for Christmas (not complaining, I got wonderful gifts!).

I have already wound it into 2 balls and am trying to choose the perfect sock pattern for it now. Maybe one from my new sock books...

Anyway, I'm off to try and catch up with all the blogs I missed over the last few weeks!


  1. Don't you love it when you forget that you wished for something and then get it. For a brief moment you think "what a genius X is" then you remember that in actual fact they are not a mind reader, just a wishlist reader!

  2. Lovely gifts! You have been spoiled:) Happy New Year!

  3. That yarn is gorgeous!! I'm intrigued by this crystal resin thing...please post more about your project...

  4. I am so glad you love it - I thought it would make you some nice socks :D

    Great pressies.


  5. Oh wow, your friends and family certainly know you well! I've never heard of any of those books, I really want to check each of them out! The yarn is amazing, I hope to see a pretty pair of socks or a shawl sometime in the future.

  6. Awesome books this holiday has added to your library. I have a book similar to your Best in Show one; mine was found at a used bookstore. Those socks books especially caught my eye. I need ti dig deeper in mine. Had to Google crystal resin as I'm not familiar with it. It looks like you'll be making cool jewelry which is always a plus. The robot project bag is cute too.


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