Monday, 21 May 2012


A little while ago, Alex over at Mighty Distractible posted about a quest to track down a shawl pattern from a French shop. After having very little luck, she emailed me to ask if there was any chance I could help, being somewhat closer to France. I didn't get very far, but Alex was extremely grateful for the research I did when trying to help *smiles* You can read about the quest, and the happy ending, here.

Shortly afterwards, I realised that I had a small quest of my own. Ages and ages ago I'd seen some rainbow socks made in Knit Picks Felici self striping yarn. Since then, I have wanted to get hold of that yarn to make some of my own.

Unfortunately Knit Picks don't ship to the UK, and the only place to buy their yarn over here didn't have that colourway. I do realise that there are other rainbow yarns out there, but this one had got stuck in my head and I wanted it *laughs* No luck was had when I stalked ravelry stashes to see if anyone was selling, but then I remembered Alex...

To save you the suspense (and because there's a lot of text and no pictures so far!) - I have my yarn *grins*

When I emailed Alex to ask if she would possibly order the yarn and then ship it to me, as long as it wasn't too much trouble, I got a speedy reply saying the order had been placed *grins* I love crafty friends.

A brief wait while the yarn was shipped to Alex and then on to me, and then I had the crazy bright rainbow yarn in my eager hands. I, of course, cast on straight away ;)

Toe-up (to use all of the yarn), 2 at a time (to avoid second sock syndrome)... I even started the socks at the same point in the colour repeat so they'll match.

I'm not normally bothered about matching socks - in fact as they're handknit I usually like them to be a little different. But these socks need to match I think.

And one more picture, because I really love how bright and happy this yarn is *laughs* It's gorgeously soft too.

So, thank you Alex, for enabling my crazy sock needs!


  1. That is amazing yarn. I have a total thing about stripes at the minute, and rtaibow stripes might be the best of all. Your socks look great

  2. Awesome! Rainbow stripes are the cheerfulest of stripes.

  3. Lovely Monday post!! :D awesome socks!!

  4. Gorgeous!! I wish more of the American yarn was available here in the UK. I've just placed my order with my parents, since they are visiting this summer!

  5. Very awesome! I love those stripes, knit picks did something right with that color :) I agree, it was a good idea to start them at the same point.

  6. Crafty people are the best. Those socks are so happy looking!

  7. Those are wonderfully obnoxiously bright. I kind of want to make a pair!

  8. I look forward to the names you give your socks as they usually make me smile, what are these called?

  9. I understand your need for rainbow matchy socks! they are fabulous!

  10. OMG...Alex just showed me those skeins the other day. I cannot believe you have your socks knitted up already! I bow to your knitting greatness :)

  11. LOL! Rainbow Brite! They're lovely and I'm really happy that I could help facilitate the creation of your bright, stripy socks. But, seriously, I can't believe you're done already. You are a machine, girl. xoxo

    - Alex

  12. Amazing. Good on you for holding out for that yarn, they look great! Yarny friends are the best.

  13. I can understand why you were obsessed with getting that yarn!!
    It's awesome!
    I love your socks


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