Tuesday, 29 May 2012


One of the topics during blog week was crafting balance, and I don't think I ever completed it. But last night it was something I was thinking about, so I thought I'd write about it today...

I am terrible at balance *laughs*

When I first started knitting, it was a struggle to balance it with reading (my other favourite activity). I tended to read an entire book/series of books instead of knitting, then I'd knit and not pick up a book for weeks.

Since then I have also taken up spinning and, more recently, crochet...

This has thrown my balance even further out *laughs*

Well, last night I was thinking about balance and decided that I don't have to have any. If I spend an entire week spinning and not picking up my needles, because that's what I feel like doing that week, then great. If I knit or read or crochet exclusively, also great. So it means my other projects wait longer... So what?!

I needed to remind myself of this. I think it comes from knitting being my primary craft - I seem to expect the most progress to occur on knitting projects and the others should fit in around that. Well, no one but me is responsible for my progress, and no one but me really worries about when something gets finished.

I know people reading are often keen to see a project in its full glory, as much as I am keen to post it, but I also know that there's no way you want it finished in a certain timescale or at the expense of anything else *laughs* Having a blog does not make me more pressured to finish things - but sometimes I need to remind myself of that!

So, I'm officially giving myself a break. So much so that last night I didn't craft at all.

Also, I did a google image search for balance, to get a few pictures for this post. I was particularly amused by this one *laughs*

Make like a monkey and jump from thing to thing - that shall be my new philosophy *laughs*

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  1. I Have no balance! lol
    Make like a monkey - LOVE it!!

  2. My friend Stephanie coined the term "procrasti-crafter" I have too many projects on the go to keep track of and that definately sums me up! xo maureen

  3. I couldn't agree more! Make like a monkey indeed!!!!!

  4. Taking a little crafty break is a good idea, it can really help to refresh your creativity (although you never seem to be lacking in creativity ever). Also, some people need lots of balance (me) and others function best without it. The most important thing is to do what is best for you : )

  5. Have you tried audiobooks? That's how I plow through books and craft at the same time. It solved this exact problem for me. :)

  6. I think balance is whatever works for you. Everyone's balance is different. Glad that your finding your unique balance :) I'm still trying to find time to squeeze in more books

  7. I love your thoughts on this...i worry that i don't craft enough for my blog, but your right if you dont feel like doing something, you shouldn't pressurise yourself into it :) as much as we love our readers :)

  8. love it - I'm pretty wobbly too - a bit of this a bit of that. It all gets there in the end :)


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