Thursday, 3 May 2012

Luckiest Blogger in the World... Seriously!

A little while ago I entered Geeky Heather's blogiversary giveaway. I was really lucky and won the mystery Atlanta themed prize. And I do mean mystery - there was no indication of what might be included in the prize, just that it would be based around Atlanta.

I love surprises (well, this sort of surprise anyway *laughs*)

This morning, the package arrived. Conveniently, I'm working from home, so I was in when the postman brought it *grins* Which was handy as the box was huge!

Everything was wrapped, with little notes explaining why Heather had chosen each item. So much fun - it felt like my birthday with all the little presents to open.

Check it out!

I got an exciting range of sweet treats. Peach taffy (because Georgia's nickname is the peach state apparently). I'm eating this now and it is tasty but kinda weird! I've never really had taffy before. Look at the cute otter tin, from the Georgia aquarium. I love aquariums, and Heather is lucky enough to live only 3 blocks away. This will definitely be some kind of notions holder once it is empty ;)

A box of baked grits... I know that grits are a southern staple, and these snacks combine grits and Vidalia onions (according to my note, they are the sweetest onions in the world and a grown just down the road from Atlanta). I'm looking forward to trying these!

Atlanta themed goodies - a cute magnet that is now on my fridge, a nail file from Heather's alma mater Georgia Tech, and a pin from the 100th Olympic Games, held in Atlanta. Funnily enough, this year the games are being held in London, not far from me *laughs* 

In the top picture you can see a coke cup, and just about make out this bottle opener. I didn't actually know coca-cola was invented in Atlanta, so that's really cool. Plus I love coca cola, and I need a new bottle opener *laughs* A well timed surprise indeed. Also, my note tells me that Heather can see coke HQ from her window - that's pretty cool! I live relatively near to the Mars factory, and on a good day I can smell when they're making milky-way bars *grins*

And, if all those awesome goodies weren't enough, I also have this gorgeous corridale to spin! Heather noted that she'd seen I was learning to spin and the fibre is from someone who lives just outside Atlanta. Look at the amazing colours (more teal than in this picture though).

So, I stand by the title of this post - Luckiest Blogger in the World!

Thanks Heather, this was such an exciting parcel to open, and a really great way to learn about your city. In fact, it's definitely made me want to come and visit *laughs*


  1. Wow what an amazing prize box to win. I love it when you get a lovely surprise in the post. It lifts you for days. That's why swaps are so much fun.

  2. Awesome prize!!! And I think you win EVERYTHING so please can you buy my lottery ticket for me?


  3. What an excellent prize! You are so lucky.

  4. That is a super gift! As a southener who lives right next door to GA I must say your gift looks just like home! Grits? Yeah, they are standard fare in my home!

  5. You really are one luck blogger, that is such a great package. She really overdid herself :) Good luck learning to spin with that amazing fiber.

  6. We visit Atlanta fairly often because I have family there, so all of this looks so familiar! :-) Congrats!

  7. That's super nice, your karma must be good. Enjoy!

  8. Wow that is one amazing parcel! Lucky you indeed! Laura x (

  9. That's fantastic - lucky you! :0)

  10. Congratulations! That fiber is gorgeous :)

  11. YAY!! I'm so happy everything made it there and you enjoyed opening it all!! Yeah, taffy is kinda weird if you've never had it. If you go anywhere by the ocean in the US it is EVERYWHERE...called "salt water taffy," usually. =) You have to let me know if that praline is so sweet your teeth fall out, LOL!!!

  12. Lucky person. Looks like a great parcel!


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