Monday, 6 February 2012

Nerd Wars Update

So, I have started to understand what it is I have signed up for *laughs* You might think this would have been a good plan before I signed up, but I like figuring things out as I go ;)

Each month for 3 months, there are 6 challenges set. You have to complete a project that fits the challenge, and if you can tie it to the team that you joined you get extra points. I don't plan to complete every single challenge, but for the most part I can fit the things I was planning to work on into the challenges anyway.

So, the challenges are:

  • Geek Pride: Wove, Twue Wove. 
    • Pretty straight forward! Make something inspired by love.
  •  Giving Geeks: Hats Off to Giving. 
    • Make hats, buy hats, sponsor hats…just, give hats to charity in some way
  • Intellectual: Memoria Technica. 
    • Craft something inspired by a mnemonic device.
  • Nerd Culture: I, For One, Welcome Our New Manmade Overlords.
    • Craft something inspired by technology, gadget, or mechanical device
  • Scientific: One For All And One For All.
    • Craft an object in one piece, OR craft an object out of only one skein of yarn.
  • Technical: What's Your Speciality? 
    • Do what you think you’re best at! 

I have been planning to make a hat for myself, with the yarn leftover from boyfriend's hat. Made in one piece, it definitely fits the Scientific challenge, and the pattern I chose can be linked to the team quite easily. 
For the Technical challenge, I have decided that my speciality is magic loop. I rock magic loop *laughs* And I was planning to cast on some fingerless mitts for myself anyway, thanks to the chilly weather. In fact, I have nearly finished them, and again the pattern can be linked to my team. 
I have already finished and submitted my Geek Pride project, based on love. If you haven't watched Supernatural season 3 and you plan to, stop reading until after the picture!
I made a chain, because Dean loves Sam so much that in season 3 he sells his soul in order to save Sam’s life. This results in him going to hell, where he is chained. The chains wrap around his wrists, so this chain can become a bracelet...



Honestly, this isn't something I would normally make, unlike my other plans for the challenges, but I wanted to try out my first handspun and I didn't have enough to make anything proper with *laughs* So this meant I got to test it out, make something to fit the challenge and get extra points for my team. Not bad really ;)


  1. Proud and confused - all at once!

  2. I saw your post in NW and thought the chains were a great idea. I am knitting a hat for giving geek to give my boss for her charity and then, hopefully, a hat for scientific (I still have to make sure the pattern calls for it being knit in one piece) Have fun!

  3. as i always follow your blog and i know you do mine... im proud to say ive passed an award onto you. please pick it up on my blog.

  4. Glad to see you having fun. I was mostly lost during my first Nerd Wars, but I still had a lot of fun. Now my third one in and this is the most fun I've had yet. I've learned that the trick is to knit smaller items.
    BTW - just picked up season one of Supernatural. It's worth watching?

  5. I honestly think that without challenges and goals, that very little would ever get done. You'll likely surprise yourself by the end!

  6. This looks like lots of fun but without your explanation I wouldn't have understood. The chain is great!

  7. Ingenious! Sounds like you've got all the bases covered by this one :)

    I've heard a lot about Nerd Wars so will follow your progress with interest!

  8. I love the chain bracelet and the link to Dean. Great job! I'm having alot of fun with Nerd Wars too! Team Paranormal Investigations. It has definitely given me the motivation to get some projects done, and work on some things I may not have before the challenge gave me the idea.

    I have to try Magic Loop sometime - I hear great things about it!

  9. I love Nerd Wars...this is my fourth tournament...I'm on Team Stargate...I have not made any projects yet for the challenges, usually I'm full of ideas...but not this time....your chain came out great and great tie-in


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