Saturday, 18 February 2012

Blog Hub Swap Day 4

So, this morning I got to open day 4 of my swap packages *grins*

I guessed that today might be the patterns, based on the shape of the parcel, but there's another flat one waiting for day 7, so I'm very intrigued!

I was right about today though ;)

The note with these said that I have expressed a desire to knit socks that are a little more interesting than the plain ones I have been making until now, so Tink hunted through Ravelry to find some interesting patterns for me *smiles*

So I have 3 new pairs of socks to make, and I didn't have to hunt through the many, many pages of patterns to find them myself ;) I particularly like the pattern on the right of the picture, "little minx", really interesting texture that I'm excited to try out.

Even better, I still have three days of packages to open *grins*


  1. It's lovely that she went to the effort to hunt for patterns that she thought you'd like. Hunting for patterns is something that takes up LOADS of time. Having them already chosen for you means all you have to do is pick the yarn and off you go!

  2. Lovely sock patterns, even lovelier friend to hunt them down for you........can't wait to see how your 'Little Minx's' knit up. x

  3. I am loving all of the swap gifts I've seen posted. I tried being chatting in that group last Summer and just didn't "feel the vibe" so I don't visit it much. It looks like a bunch of my blogging friends are having fun with this though.

  4. I love collecting sock patterns, but have made only two

  5. So many sock patterns, so little time. Sigh.

  6. Searching for patterns is such a time-suck :-) So this is a bit double-edged - you have no excuse not to knit ! LOL

  7. That's such a thoughtful gift!


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