Sunday, 19 February 2012

Blog Hub Swap Day 5

Day five... Only 2 more presents to open after today :( I'm enjoying this far too much to stop *laughs*

So, today's package had 2 wrapped pieces, a big one and a little one. Interesting...What were they?

2 awesome books *grins* The note that accompanied these said that Tink saw these and immediately thought of me. And how right she is! The essential foreign swear words is so funny (and although I don't swear on my blog, I am a little more sweary in real life!)

As for the "Picturesque Word Origins" book, it's amazing. I have quite a few posts that demonstrate just how much I love words, and reading about their origins is fascinating to me. I love this book, thank you so much Tink!

Of course I can't post about this cool book without a few extracts for you *smiles*

Escape: originally meant to slip out of one's cape
Monster: comes from the Latin monstrum - a divine omen of misfortune

Remorse: originates in the Latin remordere, meaning "to bite again"
Subtle: from the Latin subtilis, meaning "woven fine", was applied to delicate fabrics


  1. These books look really good, I think the foreign swear words would be quite interesting

  2. Ooh those books look like fun!

  3. Tink seems to know you very well, I couldn't have chosen better for you myself. You must be very pleased.

  4. Etymology would be such an easy thing to get sucked into - it'd be 'oh just one more' and before you know it it's 4am :-)

  5. They look brilliant, and I agree with Vivianne. :D

  6. I particularly love "escape", now that is all I'll be able to think about when I hear that word.

  7. Love, love, love these books! Isn't the origins of remorse just so appropriate?


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