Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Blog Hub Swap - Day 1

I know I don't ever post twice in one day, but after posting my WIP Wednesday post, I had something else to share...

A little while ago I joined the Blog Hub swap 2012 (the Blog Hub is a fab group on Ravelry for bloggers). This morning I had to pop to the post office to pick something up, and lo and behold, it was my swap parcel *grins*

I opened up the package to find a postcard telling me who my presents were from, Tink of Master of a Thousand Things *grins a lot* I was really excited by this, I've mentioned before that Tink is my evil twin/alter ego, so I'm very impatient to find out what she picked out for me.

The theme of the swap is that you send 7 individually wrapped presents, which get opened one per day and generate a week's worth of blog posts. According to my postcard, I am to open the packages in a specific order.

So, today I opened package one...

Three funky dishcloths *grins* The message inside the present said that Tink knows I hate knitting with 100% cotton, and she'd noticed me mention to someone on twitter that I had no handknit dischcloths of my own, so she decided to make me some. Very clever stalking ;)

Even better, the colours are awesome - a purple one (her favourite colour), a fabulous green crocheted basketweave one, and an orange one (my favourite colour). And the orange one even has an "N" on it *smiles*

Excellent day one Tink, thanks! I can't wait to see what I get tomorrow :)


  1. You are a lucky blogger getting a parcel from Tink. I await the rest of your packages with interest ;-)

  2. LOL that was a great stalking gift :-) Now just think of all the washing up you can do ....LOL!

  3. Brilliant, I love home made dishcloths!

  4. that is such a lovely idea. looking forward to the updates.
    what did you send??

  5. Yay! Glad you like day one. It is so weird to see things wot I have made on someone else's blog! Can I steal your photo for my project pages pretty please?

  6. Oooh, what a great Day 1! I didn't join the swap this year but now wish I did. :)

  7. This sounds so cool, those are really colourful dishcloths!

  8. What an awesome idea and love the bright colours!

  9. Wow, those colors are bright!! What a wonderful thing to find on the mailbox!


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