Monday, 20 February 2012

Blog Hub Swap Day 6

Today's parcel was an interesting shape, and I was very intrigued to tear it open and find out what exciting things Tink had picked out for me to open next *grins*

3 little vials of... Wiltons Food colouring *grins*

I've had loads of fun dyeing yarn with Kool aid, but as mentioned in the note, people also use Wiltons colouring (and I have seen some amazing results with it). Apparently you can actually buy this stuff in the UK, at Hobbycraft, which I didn't realise.

So now I have red, blue and purple to play with, and I can't wait to get some bare yarn and give them a try *grins*


  1. That sounds quite fascinating, I am tempted to pick some up from Hobbycraft now. I have never tried dying my own wool :)

  2. Oh how interesting :-) I'll be curious to see how that turns out :-)

  3. The Wilton's is fun to dye with and very forgiving. I know that you will have a great time with it!

  4. oh, i'd love to try that! Is there a specific method? We have a baking store near by with every shade imaginable!

  5. That looks like fun! Looking forward to seeing your results!

  6. I just tried my first cake gel dyeing this weekend. I like Kool Aid a bit more, but with the cake gels you get a better color selection.


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