Tuesday, 10 July 2012


It's been a while since I did a words post, so here are some of my latest favourites ;)

Lepid - pleasant or charming. Is it just me, or does the meaning not seem to fit the sound of the word? Maybe it's because it sounds like tepid, but it just doesn't sound right to me!

Intergern - to snarl back. One of those words that doesn't seem to need to exist, but I'm glad it does *laughs*

Menticide - brainwashing. Literally murder of the mind.

Bezoardic - used as an antidote, a remedy. Yet it sounds so much more serious and possibly anthropological.

Ramfeezled - worn out, exhausted. I totally love this one, so much more fun than saying "I'm tired" or "I'm knackered." Try it - "I'm ramfeezled"

And this one is for me... Grammatolatry - worship of letters or words *grins*


  1. Hahaha. I like Ramfeezled, too.

  2. Ooh, I'm a gold medalist at intergerning, love that one! And you're correct, lepid doesn't sound right at all, no wonder people don't use it so much.

  3. Being ramfeezled myself, I liked this post! :)

  4. I'm so tempted to use Ramfeezled today when someone asks how I am :P

  5. I want to use Ramfeezled today somehow... That is the goal of the day I believe. XD

  6. Ever read Harry Potter? A "bezoar" is a stone taken from the stomach of a goat and will save you from most poisons. Bezoardic is probably where that word came from in the first place :)

    1. I was about to say that! Yep, it comes from the word "bezoar". I remember reading about bezoars way before Harry Potter so it's a thing from mythology and not one of Ms Rowling's clever inventions.

  7. I'm definitely going to find a way to use the word Ramfeezled as many times as I can today! Thanks!

  8. Ramfeezled is brilliant. You have added a word to my lexicon :D

  9. I totally agree with the word Lepid.
    Also, I think that as knitters we should just take back the word ramfeezled. You know what actualy? I'm ramfeezled right now...


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