Tuesday, 31 July 2012

More Paper

The project I showed off yesterday was only one of quite a few different paper craft projects that I did over the weekend. I was clearly in a papery mood rather than a yarny mood!

As well as yesterday's Iron Man, I found another cute template on Gus Santome's site and made this little Darth Vader. The best part, you can take his helmet off, to reveal a grumpy Anakin underneath *laughs*

I was also in a bit of a doodling mood, so I created a couple of pieces of artwork on pages from an old book (not a valuable antique of course!)

"Suck The Marrow" is my family motto. It comes from the film Dead Poet's Society and is essentially an extension of Carpe Diem, urging you to really make the most out of life, experiences and opportunities. It's a sentiment I keep in mind when I get the chance to do something new, so I thought a framed reminder would be good *smiles*

As I enjoyed making that so much, I took another piece of the paper and doodled this little guy:

I'm very into doodling robots at the moment *laughs* The backing paper was some plain, pearly gold that I decided needed texture. I just embossed lots of straight and wavy lines on it and I think it came out really well.

I love the robot, I think the black and gold pen really works on the aged paper:

It was kinda tough, using book pages, as I have an aversion to destroying books in any way. But it worked so well that I'm glad I did.

It makes me laugh that I doodled and wrote on pages from a book entitled "Manners and Tone of Good Society" though *grins*


  1. my fiance would love that darth vader soooo much :)

  2. OMG...your paper crafts are awesome!!! So clever!

  3. The title of the book you got the pages from is great, does that mean you are not observing good society by doodling on it? Amazing art, I love it all! You are so wonderfully creative!

  4. Squee...tiny Darth Vader!! I LOVE the robot you doodled..he is most excellent.

  5. Those are all so very cute and amazing! You are so creative!

  6. Veru cute - I love your little Mr. Grumpy Vader!

  7. Awesome! I love the robot. Good idea to use book pages as backgrounds! There are plenty of old books not worth cherishing, I think.


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