Thursday, 19 July 2012


I think one of the reasons my knitting progress has slowed somewhat is due to my current inclination to play mindless games on my iphone/ipad when I need to wind down. So I thought I would post a quick overview of the timewasting activities I have been engaging in *laughs*

The first one I downloaded, after my brother insisted, was Fruit Ninja (or, as my mum likes to call it "that smashing fruits game" *smiles*)

Such a simple concept, swipe to split fruit, get more points for slicing combos and lose points for hitting bombs. Easy, brainless and an excellent way to de-stress.

Since then I have also downloaded

Same concept, only this time with zombies *laughs* Instead of bombs you have to avoid hitting the humans. Stupid and fun, just the right kind of thing ;)

Another one I can play for ages is Coin Dozer

It is exactly the same concept as the arcade machines filled with 2p pieces. Drop coins to try and push more coins (and prizes) off the end. Surprisingly addictive for such a pointless game!

I can spend hours trying to beat my high score on Temple Run...

You have to run along the temple walls, jumping over obstacles or ducking underneath them. And collecting coins. Another one that is such a simple concept but that I spend many hours playing *laughs*

I do have a couple of slightly more social games...

 If you play, my username is pinkundine (I'm easy to find, I have the same username pretty much everywhere *laughs*).

So, that's a little tour of the reasons I haven't been knitting as much lately. Mindless, pointless and addictive games ;)


  1. For the first time I wished I had an IPad so I could play the word games with you, oh well.....

  2. I tend to play solitaire on my iphone all the time...when I am nursing especially. That and Texas Hold 'em poker. I think I have a thing for cards :-)

  3. Sometimes knitting just doesn't do it. These games sound perfect! I've been playing tetris a lot on my Ipod lately so I know the feeling.

  4. I agree, Draw Some(thing) has been the bigger timewaster for me ever! I just can't stop it's so addictive :-)

  5. When Little Man was quite little, I used to play Coin Dozer during his nighttime feedings because it *was* so mindless. I haven't played much lately except when he got sick.

  6. I love Words with Friends. Its really fun. I am addicted to Angry Birds. Its so mindless. I swipe my dad's phone every now and then to de-stress and and do something silly.

  7. I am doing the same thing, neglecting knitting a bit to play games. Have you played hay day? I'm toriheartsfrogs if you want to friend me on game center. I think for words with friends it's the same or else it's Nursetori. I'll have to look for you!

  8. I had a go at that Fruit Ninja on a tablet in PC World the other week. It's really difficult!


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