Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New Cookbook

At my office we often have a pile of books that The Book People bring in and leave for us to peruse and hopefully buy. They're usually focused on children's books and local history and I don't often find any that I am interested in.

Last week, however, they had one that I immediately ordered:

The Homemade Sweetshop *grins* I love making sweets, and this is such a nice book. Lots of things I want to make and the layout is lovely.

I actually made one of the recipes for last weekend, when I met up with my mum, aunt and cousins for the Thames Pageant. I wanted to bring something to snack on, so I made a batch of these:

I completely forgot to take a picture, but they looked pretty much like the ones in the book *laughs* Very tasty they were too ;)

I also decided to try making cake pops to take with me (and I did remember to photograph them):

I didn't use a recipe, just made a cake, smashed it up and mixed it with ready made chocolate frosting. After a few failures, I got to grips with how to attach them to the sticks without them falling off, covered them and left them to set.

They were awesome *grins* Very well received by all.


  1. That's really interesting. As a committed cake-baker, making sweets has never really occurred to me. But looking at your pictures, I might have to revise that opinion (and buy that book!)

  2. Sounds like a great book! Definitely a great buy. I've been wanting to try cake pops for a while now, yours look delicious!

  3. I love cake pops. My mom made me some for my 21st birthday and they were amazing... I love to make sweets too... XD

  4. That looks like a fantastic book! I'm amazed at what you have made so far. What wonderful recipe do you plan on trying next?

  5. As a taster of said goods I have to say they were both excellent.

  6. The honey sesame crunch looks like a delicious recipe. I have never made cake pops before...yours look so cute!

  7. Cake pops..YUM! Your honey-sesame bars made me remember that I had brought some Puerto Rican candy home for the Hubs...one of my students had a bucket of it sent to school with his Flat Stanley...

  8. Oh my! I miss the book people! (I live abroad now).

    I bought my best cook book ever from them: Super salads. Look out for it.



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