Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Knitting Block

I seem to have hit a bit of a knitting block. I have projects, I want to finish the projects, but I don't seem to have the inclination to work on them right now. Usually I knit a lot at the weekends, but I spent much of last weekend working on my scrapbook instead (not that I'm complaining - I really enjoyed it!)

Part of this inertia is probably to do with the fact that I have been watching a lot of the Euro 2012 football matches. And while I can knit without looking now, I get too distracted to actually do it *laughs*

Anyway, this knitting block has a bit of a detrimental effect on blogging - I don't have enough to talk about!

I did crochet these funny little pumpkin finger puppets for Nerd Wars though:


*laughs* Silly, I know, but it's always good to remind myself that crafting is supposed to be fun.

I've noticed that I go through phases, sometimes I'm just not in as much of a knitting mood. It'll come back soon enough, it always does. Until then, I'll carry on enjoying the football (or soccer, for my international readers *rolls eyes and laughs*)


  1. Before you know it, you will be re-inspired!! Then look out knitting world :)

  2. LOVE the pumpkin heads. LOL! I do the same - knit for a while, garden for a while, read for a while, etc. That's why we're "mighty distractible"! Unfortunately, Cassandra and I have knitting "work" to do so, right now, we can't take a break even if we wanted too. Regardless, you have plenty of other stuff to write about so don't despair - we'll read you even if you aren't knitting. ;) - Alex

  3. I want to knit....and I have castonitis.....but I don't have time to knit between packing and all the nitpicky things that are going on around here.

    ::sigh:: Moving is not grand.

  4. We all have our crafting up and downs. Perhaps try spinning during the games instead? I can spin without paying attention much more easily than knitting. Also, the pumpkins are just adorable.

  5. Haha, I'm exactly sure what people are talking about when they mention football... American Football, Soccer or Gaelic Football.

    Your pumpkins are cute and you're right, the knitting mojo will come back soon enough. :-)

  6. I used to feel the way you do if I didn't have much knitting on the go. Now I just blog about something else. I think knitting blogger is a misnomer, we're knitter's who blog!

  7. Your pumpkin puppets are cute... And I know all about knitting blocks... I am in one now.

  8. I often think that a small, silly project that reminds you crafting can be fun is the best kind. I need to do one of those myself, I think!! I'm all caught up in big stuff or complicated little stuff.

  9. Knitting block or in my case, crochet and knitting block happens to all of us. Its a joy because we can come back to it whenever we want to. My house has the soccer bug too (my boys are born looking for a soccer ball). Enjoy the games!


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