Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Meandering Musings

Things on my mind this morning...

  • Why have I decided to knit a blanket when summer finally seems to be starting? And why do I have no motivation to work on my green cotton top, which is a more weather appropriate project?!
  • Why is there a pigeon trying to mate with a seagull outside my window?
  • Yay, it's less than 2 weeks to Knit Nation! I'm going by myself, so if anyone reading is going to be there, please say hi!
  • Talking of which - I think I should take cash, so I don't go crazy with the credit card. But how much cash should I take? I have no idea what to expect but I'm excited anyway *laughs* In a related question, how much yarn is too much yarn? *ponders*
  • I saw this linked in twitter - a blog collecting pictures of angry people from local newspapers. It's pretty funny ;)
  • A much more moving and interesting blog is Dear Photograph. I saw it a few weeks ago when it only had a couple of pictures, since then it's gone a bit viral so it's a lot more populated *smiles* I'm sure most people have seen it by now, but if not, it's worth a look ;)
  • Why will no one pay me to knit? I don't mean knitting on commission, I mean, why won't someone pay me to sit and knit nice things for myself? *laughs* 
  • I would quite like a cupcake right now... Or maybe Krispy Kreme. 
  • My toe hurts and I have no idea why. I would like it to stop. 

And finally...


  1. That Dear Photograph site is awesome! I hadn't already seen it, either, so cheers for posting the link :)

  2. I'll be at Knit Nation, I haven't knit anything I bought last year yet but that won't stop me buying more!

  3. Omigosh! The angry people site is hilarious. Dear Photograph is awesome and so sweet. I had not heard of it. Thanks for passing the link along.

  4. Have fun at Knit Nation! Thanks for those links - I hadn't seen either.

  5. I've always wondered why I couldn't get paid to knit as well.


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