Monday, 18 July 2011

K is for... Knit Nation (of course!)

Yep, Knit Nation was on Saturday *grins* I hadn't been last year (having never picked up knitting needles or even considered such a thing) so I was pretty excited to go this time. I did try to take lots of pictures, but I got there first thing and it was pretty busy, so most of them came out like this:

I'm not very socially outgoing with people I don't know, so I wasn't very good at asking for photos, even though I'm sure no one would have minded. But I did get a few (blurry) shots as I was walking around.

A somewhat depleted selection of Wollmeise on the Loop stand. I met the lady responsible for Wollmeise outside just before the marketplace opened, she was lovely and was very flattered when I said I was looking forward to getting my hands on some of her yarn *smiles*

The Habu stand. I'd heard of Habu before and been intrigued, they make yarns combined with all sorts of strange things, including paper and steel... I loved the way the yarns were packaged, on cones or these little parcel-like bundles, and it was cool to see what it was like once knit. Not my cup of tea, but really interesting nonetheless.

A hanging display at the Juno Fibre Arts stand. The lady there was so nice, and very admiring of my Clapotis *grins* Incidentally, that wrap is really very warm - I was melting in the marketplace!

So, that brings us to the end of my usable pictures of the show... I know, I'm rubbish! But, I have got nice pictures of what I bought, which hopefully makes up for it *laughs*

I took a set amount of money and planned to only spend that. Amazingly, I did. I spent exactly what was in my purse and no more. Very proud ;) I also told myself that I did not need to buy skein after skein of sock yarn. As you saw from my post on Thursday, I already have plenty that I am excited about using, and I tend to get a little stressed if I have too much waiting for me! I wanted to have a look at some yarns that I have been coveting for ages, to see if they are as nice in the flesh as I was hoping, so I have a long list of things that I do want to buy once I have used some of what I already have.

So, I bought 1 skein of sock yarn that's intended for a shawl and not socks... Wollmeise ;)

I had to buy some, just to see what all the fuss is about. I was slightly wincing at the £20 price tag (hence why it definitely won't become socks!) but actually the skein is 150g rather than 100g, so it's better value than I first thought.

My second purchase of the day was a Blocking Kit from Brownberry Yarns. Perhaps buying it so early in the day was a mistake, I was lugging the tube around for the entire time, but never mind! I've wanted one for a while and it was a good price, so I'm happy.

After going to the Loop stand for the Wollmeise first, and passing the blocking kits and having to immediately get one, I decided to have a wander and look at lots of things before deciding what to buy.

I got this adorable "emergency yarn" keyring from Old Maiden Aunt. And fell in love with their beautiful colourways. It took a lot of willpower not to spend all my money on their sock yarn *laughs*

At The Bothered Owl, I purchased these cool stitch markers...

The Great British Yarns stand had lots of Knit Picks, which I'd seen were on their website. I've heard a lot of good things about Knit Picks, especially for such a reasonably priced brand, so I had a lot of fun squishing all the skeins *grins* Sharon, the lovely lady on the stall let me play with their sample book to see all the swatches, and I came away with this lace weight alpaca. I love the colour, and it is so, so soft. I resisted the sock yarn, but have made a mental note to get some in future. I'm a sucker for really soft yarns ;) I also picked up a skein of undyed sock yarn (I know, I know, but I promised the boyfriend he could have a go at kool aid dyeing!)

I popped upstairs to the salon to have a look at all of Ysolda's samples and had to buy Whimsical Little Knits 2 and get it signed. I didn't take Little Red with me for signing, as I really didn't want to have to lug it around all day!

At the Nimu Yarns stand I bought this beautiful shawl pin. I love it, it's so very me *grins*

This brought me to within £20 of my self-imposed spending limit when I spotted a bargain bin back at the Brownberry Yarns stand. As soon as I put my hand in, I was overwhelmed with soft squishiness. So I bought 6 skeins of this beautiful baby llama yarn. I love alpaca, so I figure llama makes perfect sense ;)

The skeins are quite short, so I shall have to plan what to make carefully. I love the colour. In fact, I was very drawn to a lot of the grey yarns I saw (especially on the Old Maiden Aunt stand). I steered well clear of everything orange, no matter how much it called to me!

So, that was Knit Nation for me. I had a really good time, and could have spent many, many times the amount of money I had set myself. Looking forward to next year already *laughs*


  1. I wish I could have gone. Looks like you had an awesome day, and have made some very wise purchases. I especially like the colour of your Knit Picks alpaca, and that shawl pin is gorgeous!

  2. So glad you enjoyed your day. You were very disciplined, unlike me on my first trip last year when I went completely mad. I was much more controlled this time. Hope the blocking kit works well. They always look fiendishly complicated.

  3. Wow, awesome loot. I love the lego head stitch markers. Brilliant. I'm glad it was fun!

  4. Sounds like you had a ball! I know what you mean about carrying things around!! I've learned that the hard way too at events like Stitches and Maryland Sheep & Wool!! Enjoy your purchases!!

  5. Lovely purchases! And also you reminded me that I was supposed to get a blocking kit but forgot LOL

  6. Wow, you did really well. I love that shawl pin, it's gorgeous. Thanks for virtually toting me along to Knit Nation... next year, hopefully, I'll be there in person!

  7. What fun. I wish I could have gone. I don't know if I would have had such strong will power though. I would have easily spent my text book money there in like ten minutes. I love the stitch markers, my boyfriend would like them too. He loves legos.

  8. So jealous! I love the shawl pin and the llama yarn. You're the second blogger to blog about the nice selection of grey yarns at Knit Nation.

  9. Oh it looks like it was wonderful!!! I would have been so overwhelmed I wouldn't have even remembered to take pictures. The stitch marker on the far right (with glasses and a beard) look an awful lot like my husband.

  10. I'll take all pictures, blurry or not! Not being able to attend, it's lovely to read posts like yours where I can see all the fun going on and get a feel for the atmosphere. Looks and sounds like you had a fantastic time! Wonderful purchases too, can't wait to see what all the yarn becomes.

  11. Must get one of those blocking kits. I didn't know Brownberry had some (lucky I've got some birthday money left!). Sounds like you had a great day, thanks for sharing :)

  12. I think you need to do a whole post on your adventure with the blocking kit! I'm intrigued...


  13. that's awesome! all your purchases are lovely. I'm a little jealous about the blocking kit though =)

  14. I have never to been to one of those events. I didn't know what Knit Nation was and just had to google it.
    I have reservations to go to the Sheep and Wool festival in Rhinebeck NY on Oct. 15 & 16 of this year. If it's anything like the way you described Knit Nation, it looks like I am in for a treat and should start saving my pennies now!

  15. Very nice, looks like an awesome time. And you used your money wisely, very nice stuff!


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