Monday, 25 July 2011

L is for....

Ok, for some reason I struggled with a word for this week. I was going to do L is for Learning, and talk about all the different things I have learned since starting knitting. But I'm planning to do something similar for my knitting anniversary in November, so I decided to avoid repeating myself!

One of my favourite words begins with L, "lethalogica". It means "inability to remember the right word", and I just love the fact that there is a term for it! 

So I decided to look up other unusual words beginning with L. As a huge fan of words and their meanings, this seemed like a cunning solution to my writer's block *laughs*

  • Lanameter - instrument for measuring the quality of wool (see, I even manged to make it topical)
  • Laniferous - wool bearing
  • Lentigo - freckle (I need to try and work this one into conversation some time)
  • Lethanomia - tendency to forget names (boyfriend has this!)
  • Lexiphanic - actually a synonym for my other favourite word (sesquipedalian) - prone to using long words ;)
  • Libriform - shaped like a book (why there needs to be an actual word for this, I'm not sure *laughs*)
  • Locutory - a room for conversation (how very civilised!)
  • Logophile - lover of words (that's me)
  • Ludic - spontaneously and aimlessly playful (as opposed to planning your playfulness with a purpose in mind *smirks*)
  • Lutescent - yellowish (not sure why "yellowish" isn't good enough?!)

So, I'm sorry for the cop-outness of this post, but inspiration really deserted me this morning! Tomorrow will have far more exciting content (boyfriend had a go at dyeing yarn) and Wednesday will reveal whether or not I managed to get to grips with toe up socks *laughs* And in the meantime, I think we've all learned that words are interesting, bizarre and sometimes utterly pointless ;)


  1. Can I borrow the "lethalogica" word?? That happens to me all the time!!! Funny post - I love all the words you come up with for some of these posts!!

  2. That was fun! I love bizarre words that no one uses - I wonder who first made them, why and how they stuck... I can't wait to use "Lethanomia" on my husband. He's a slight hypochondriac so the results ought to be side splitting... lol.

  3. Hmm, "ludic" doesn't sound very playful to me. It sounds like something dull and heavy.

  4. Love this post. Love words. I shall try and weave some of these into a conversation. I hadn't heard of most of them.

  5. Love it! Love it! Love it!

  6. Not a cop-out at all! I loved the post and the vocabulary lesson.

  7. Lexiphanic! Hah! That's me. Loved the list, I don't think it's a copout. Actually it would be a nice weekly/monthly feature


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