Monday, 10 September 2012


Things I enjoy doing...

Knitting/fibre crafts
Paper crafts

Hmmm, there is a bit of a sitting down theme here *laughs* Sometimes I do spinning standing up though, does that help?! Oh yeah, and cooking, that's a standing up activity too.

Things I do not enjoy doing...

Gardening - however, I spent much of the weekend doing just that *sigh* Primarily due to the fact that my lawn was verging on becoming one giant dandelion.

Event planning - this activity has been the basis of my days at work recently. The amount of variables always stresses me out.

Attending events that I have planned - which is the agenda for the next few days. I find it too hard to relax, but I'm working on it *laughs*


I shall be back on Thursday, when things shall return to my comfortable pace of knitting and reading. Although not at the same time, I still haven't quite mastered that ;)


  1. Good luck with the planning and attending. I don't like either of those too.

  2. Try to enjoy those events......see you when you get back..

  3. aah, the four handed dream of knitting at reading simultaneously. wouldn't it be fabulous.

  4. e-readers make it easier to knit and read at the same time, but I still find it tricky.

    I want to enjoy gardening so very much, especially now I have a large garden, but the ratio of fun tasks to back-breakingly hard and dull tasks is not a good one!

  5. I like to crochet and read my kindle at the same time. I also enjoy cooking. Thankfully we don't have a garden to worry about, it is all stone.


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