Monday, 24 September 2012

Stitch Like an Egyptian

At the weekend I went shopping for art supplies - so much fun *laughs* I wanted to buy everything ;) Anyway, I popped into a discount bookshop (The Works, if you're in the UK) as they sometimes have art stuff, and I found this:

It was only a couple of quid, so I grabbed it despite the fact that the extent of my cross-stitching experience is a single heart and a packman bookmark *laughs*

There are some pretty amazing and intricate patterns:

... Neither of which I actually think I'll make, but they're pretty to look at in the book ;)

The pages I was most interested in were the hieroglyphs:

I like simple graphic shapes, especially for cross stitch, so I may well see if I can do something with these!


  1. The glyphs are super cool. I don't think I would try to make the King Tut on the cover, though! ;)

  2. This book is curiously intriguing!

  3. That looks like an awesome book. Might have to send Jamie into town to have a look for it! I've always had a soft spot for Egyptian history. Hieroglyphic bookmarks sound like the way forward!

  4. That book looks great! I love the hieroglyphics too.

  5. My son is super into egypt. I wonder if you could turn some of the patterns into knitting patterns. That would definitely be something he would live for me to make him!

  6. I'd love to flip through this book!!


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