Thursday, 6 September 2012

About That...

So much for project monogamy *laughs*

I do also have projects on the needles aside from the Wingspan I mentioned yesterday, I just haven't been working on them. Somehow, posting about knitting only one project for a week immediately made me cast on something else ;)

To be fair (not like anyone is counting anyway!) this technically was a WIP, as I finished the first sock of the pair months ago and have only just got around to casting on sock 2. This might have something to do with a) the fact that I now much prefer knitting 2 at a time, and b) alpaca socks just aren't a summer project for me *laughs*


  1. I understand about not wanting to play with alpaca when it is warm. It just felts itself if you have sticky hands! That is very pretty yarn though, and I would be tempted to play with it as soon as the temperature dropped a few degrees.

  2. Ha! You'll be glad to have got the second sock done by the time the cold weather kicks in. Your infidelity to Wingspan is overlookable!

  3. Alpaca socks may not be a summer project, but I love the color. I also love you wingspan in the other post as well.

  4. I love the color, even if it is not summer knitting.

  5. i am loving the colour of your yarn! Will make great cosy socks for the cold winter days :)


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