Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Process

When I posted about my Wingspan yesterday, I realised that it didn't follow the same process I usually have for starting projects.

The usual process:

  1. Have lots of projects on the needles but daydream about what I want to cast on next
  2. Study my queue 
  3. Look at stashed yarn
  4. Decide if anything matches
  5. Decide if the yarn I feel like knitting with is suitable for the pattern I feel like knitting
  6. Daydream some more
  7. Repeat steps 2-5 a few more times
  8. Eventually make a decision and cast on
It sounds pretty laborious doesn't it *laughs* To be fair, most of it happens while I'm working on other things and not planning to cast anything new on straight away, so by the time I am ready to cast on I actually have a pretty good idea of what I want.

Sometimes step 8 involves an entirely different yarn or pattern (or both) than considered previously during steps 1-7, because I was in a completely different mood at the time it came to cast on. 

Somehow, though, Wingspan cut through all of that. I cast off 3 projects in fairly quick succession and wanted to cast on something new as a reward. I picked up my new yarn, decided it matched the pattern, and just got on with it. Not much thought at all.

This might be a good plan, because I am loving the project completely *laughs*

So, how do you plan what to knit/crochet/craft next?


  1. I pretty much follow your normal plan. I don't think it is a rare method! Though my latest also skipped all that and went, buy pattern, buy yarn, cast on. That NEVER happens to me!

  2. I love that you are even aware of what your plan is, I don't think that I even have any sort of direction when I'm planning, I just don't know. But your process certainly leads you to many gorgeous patterns! Good luck with wingspan!

  3. I do believe I go through the process that you just listed. I frequently buy yarn that I like and then at home decide what it will be. Obviously I buy certain quantities so it is grouped into sweater/or non sweater categories.

  4. Since I am more of a small objects knitter, I usually pick out what I am feeling from my stash and then hunt forever to find the right pattern, usually even changing my mind after I cast on. I like your process, especially the day-dreaming part!

  5. Love at first sight does exists. Sometimes you just know what you want to do without any consideration.

  6. I do follow your plan, but I've been busy matching up stash to queue to cut straight to the chase. It's been quite helpful!

  7. that's awesome!! I love when yarn and pattern come together and you barely have to think about it! I usually do a LOT of steps 1-7, except add in: "cast on for a project, knit for a few hours, realise I don't like it as much as I thought I would, unravel" and repeat.

  8. You sound like me, same process hehe :)


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